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Consoles Plus (Dec, 2002)
Plutôt bien réalisé, Sub Rebellion a le défaut de n'être qu'un shoot de plus, agrémenté d'un zest d'aventure. Sympa et reposant.
Gaming Target (Nov 22, 2002)
Sub Rebellion is a very unique twist on vehicle driven shooters and is definitely worth a look. Originality will get it's foot in the door and it's solid gameplay will keep it there. A few flaws keep it from being a true classic but any shooter fan willing to give it a chance will find plenty to like in Sub Rebellion.
The Next Level (Oct, 2002)
Sub Rebellion is as simple as a compelling adventure game can get without becoming too basic, pandering, or child-targeted. Some of the mistakes border on serious or critical but with such an eager nose for amusement and exploration, it’s so very easy to overlook it. Most likely not for everyone but if you’re a shooter, adventure, or Irem fan, there should be no real hesitation. (And come on, you have to be at least one of those listed, right?).
72 (Dec 25, 2002)
Sub Rebellion ist zwar nichts für simulationsvernarrte U-Boot-Kapitäne, aber für den ein oder anderen Tauchgang zwischendurch wird solide und unkomplizierte Unterwasser-Action geboten, bei der einem die Torpedos niemals ausgehen. Auf den ersten Blick wirkt der Titel zwar technisch abstoßend und spielerisch träge, aber in der Praxis sorgen taktisches Vorgehen, flinkes Ausweichen und lukratives Schätze bergen trotz banaler Story und magerer Präsentation für spannende Unterhaltung. Neue Upgrades und Waffensysteme wollen getestet, noch gewaltigere Gegner besiegt und schließlich der letzte Schatz gefunden werden. Dank handlicher Steuerung habt Ihr Euer Boot schnell und sicher im Griff und erkundet mit origineller Sonartechnik abwechslungsreiche, aber weitestgehend unspektakuläre Unterwasserwelten. Der Spielablauf ist auf Dauer zwar etwas eintönig, aber noch gibt es keine Konkurrenz, die zeigt, wie man es besser macht.
Worth Playing (Nov 12, 2002)
Overall, Sub Rebellion is a great game as far as underwater shooters are concerned but gamers with more of a taste for fast-paced adrenaline-inducing action may be disappointed to find that this game takes a deliberate and unhurried approach to the genre. This may not be a drink for all ages, but as was the case with me, you may find that the methodic progression style and strategic combat opportunities will grow on you. It isn’t perfect but it’s definitely worth checking out.
IGN (Oct 11, 2002)
Sub Rebellion is not a game for everyone, but it's also not a game that can be pinned to a certain genre of gamers. For me, it came down to the fact that the game's difficulty was almost perfectly suited to my skill level, and I felt a certain level of accomplishment as I progressed through the game. It's very hard to put a finger on exactly what it is about the game that makes for an enjoyable playtime, except that working through each mission is somehow satisfying. This game is an example of how the whole can be more than the sum of its parts.
GameSpot (Oct 21, 2002)
Sub Rebellion is the type of game that can't quite be called impressive but definitely has a fair amount of worth as entertainment. The game's small deficiencies are balanced by its small positive qualities, while the overall solid game design barely avoids being overshadowed by unexceptional production values. There is a substantial number of missions, and palpable rewards for replaying them exist in the form of new weapons and paint schemes to earn. Those who don't mind a slower-paced shooter and can deal with the lack of eye candy may find Sub Rebellion to be a worthy gaming experience.
Level (Dec, 2002)
În cele din urmă, Sub Rebellion este un joc plăcut. Dacă aveți o consolă acasă și nu prea mai aveți jocuri pe care să puneți mâna, atunci încercați-l. Cu o singură condiție însă: să fi jucat până acum ceea ce merită într-adevăr jucat pe consolă, deoarce în Sub Rebellion nu veți găsi spectaculozitatea prezentă, de exemplu, într-un joc gen Gran Turismo 3.
The Video Game Critic (Oct 01, 2003)
I had some fun with Sub Rebellion, and I think most shooter fans will approve of this.
Sub Rebellion is an underwater blaster that's a throwback to the classic shooters of old. Controlling your death machine through dark, sparsely-populated levels is relatively easy, but the controls feel clumsy in the thick of the action. The missions are pretty bland too, with nothing to shift the fun factor out of first gear. Do yourself a favour and avoid this floater.
Gamestyle (Nov, 2002)
Sub Rebellion should have been enjoyable and far more challenging with better preparation and implementation. Difficulty should not be judged by the number of enemies you face instead the conditions, craft and mission design should have been structured in a way to remove the mundane combat. As a mindless blasting romp Sub Rebellion is enjoyable, but offers little else unfortunately.