Advertising Blurbs – Game Boy Advance:
    Imaginative levels and a clever variety of bubbles and blocks make for an intriguing GBA debut of the perennially popular Bust-a-Move series.

    As with previous entries, you shoot variously colored bubbles from a bubble launcher at screen's bottom. Your goal is to break up masses of bubbles by clustering three or more identically colored bubbles before they drop below the line at the bottom of the screen. If you leave too many bubbles in play, the ceiling will start on a slow-motion collision course with your launcher.

    Normal mode is the basic one-player mode. Training mode introduces Super Bust-a-Move's offbeat varieties of bubbles and blocks, including Mini Bubbles, Giant Bubbles and Reflection Blocks. You can shoot Mini Bubbles through narrow passages. Once lodged in place, they'll grow to normal size.

    Classic mode features levels from previous Bust-a-Move games. CPU Battle pits you against the computer at normal or expert difficulty levels. Two players with two Game Paks, a GBA Game Link cable and two GBAs can bust each other in Versus mode.

    Offbeat characters add personality to the game. The GBA's shoulder buttons provide excellent control.

    Super Bust-a-Move is in stores now.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Aug 25, 2005.

Back of box - PlayStation 2:
    BUST into a world of bubble-bursting, puzzle-popping fun!

    Unlock secret characters, rescue captives and more

    Conveyor belts challenge your Super BAM skills

    Mind blowing puzzle-packed addictive gameplay

    Match bubble-breaking wits with a friend in 2 player Battle mode

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69396) on Sep 05, 2002.

Back of Box - Game Boy Advance:
    Bust It!

    The addictive hit puzzle game is back - bustin' loose on Game Boy Advance. Shoot through walls of bubbles by matching up the colors in threes - sound simple? Think again. You'll need tight aim and mad skillz to bust these moves!

    Special Bubbles- Bust out with five special bubbles including: minis, giants, stars, rainbows and metals to mix up your strategy. 8 characters: Choose from a funky fly cast of characters like: Mog, Catch, Pinky, Mr @, and master their custom bubble attacks. 2-Player Battle- Hook up with the Link Cable and go head-to-head against a friend in a bubble bustin' session. Bubble Bustin' Fun X 4- Four play modes include Normal, Classic, Training, and Versus Modes.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69396) on Aug 11, 2002.