Super Dragon Ball Z Credits


ProducerDonald T. Clay
Project Planning CoordinatorSara Hasson
Product ManagerEmily Anadu
Director of MarketingMatt Collins
Vice President of MarketingNique Fajors
Director of Public RelationsAndrea Schneider
PR AssociateAlissa Bell
Creative Services ManagerLiz Fierro
Traffic ManagersSaidia Simmons, Veronica Franklin-Smith
Executive Vice President, North-American SalesWim Stocks
Vice President, Strategic RelationshipsRyan Barr
Director, Channel Marketing & EventsChristine Fromm
Internet Development GroupTracy Swanson, Jason Hartnell
Atari Forums Head AdministratorMatthew Labunka
Customer Support ManagerBobby Tait
Customer Support RepresentativeBrennen Vega
VP of Inventory & Operations AccountingRobert Spellerberg
Manager of Inventory ControlShawn Johnson
Lead Senior BuyerLisa Leon
Senior BuyerGardnor Wong
BuyerTara Moretti
VP of Business AffairsEvan Gsell
Documentation Specialist and CopywriterKurt Carlson (Red Sheet LLP)
Graphic Design and LayoutMorgan Tomaiolo (Red Sheet LLP)
Manager of Publishing SupportEzequiel Nunez (as Ezequiel )
Manager of Technical SupportMichael Vetsch
Q.A. Testing SupervisorJason Kausch
Lead TesterMark Alabayan (as Mark Alibayan)
Assistant Lead TesterJason Shields
Manager, Engineering Services and Compatibility LabDavid Strang (as Dave Strang)
Engineering Services SpecialistKen Edwards
Engineering Services TechniciansRandy Buchholz, Eugene Lai
Director, Strategic RelationsJoy Schneer
Sr. Manager, Strategic RelationsCecilia Munoz
Strategic Relations SpecialistArthur Long
Q.A. Test TeamMohsen Gholampour, Jon Hockaday, Dennis Limmer, Alvaro Melara, Ray Nonato, Abby Suh, Dat Tu, Jeremiah Turner

FUNimation Productions, Ltd.

PresidentGen Fukunaga
Executive Vice‑PresidentDaniel Conanougher
Vice‑President, MarketingDebra Kennedy
Director of LicensingBob Brennan
Licensing Account ManagerChris Lundeen
Licensing Account AssociateMichael Hathaway (as Mike Hathaway)

Okatron 5000

Producer/Voice DirectorChristopher Sabat
Project ManagerAndrew Rye
SeñorAudio EngineerRawly Pickens
Lead EditorJeremiah Gray


Cell, Piccolo, VegetaChristopher Sabat (as Chris Sabat)
GokuSean Schemmel
Kid GohanStephanie Nadolny
Gohan (Ultimate)Kyle Herbert
TrunksEric Vale
KrillinSonny Strait
FreizaLinda Young
Android #18Meredith McCoy
Android 16Jeremy Inman
Chi‑ChiCynthia Cranz
OolongBrad Jackson

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David Strang, 141 other games
Ezequiel Nunez, 131 other games
Cecilia Munoz, 130 other games
Joy Schneer, 102 other games
Ken Edwards, 82 other games
Eugene Lai, 80 other games
Lisa Leon, 78 other games
Michael Vetsch, 75 other games
Christopher Sabat, 70 other games
Gardnor Wong, 65 other games
Kurt Carlson, 64 other games
Donald T. Clay, 63 other games
Tara Moretti, 62 other games
Chris Lundeen, 60 other games
Randy Buchholz, 58 other games
Shawn Johnson, 53 other games
Wim Stocks, 52 other games
Matt Collins, 49 other games
Liz Fierro, 49 other games
Alissa Bell, 46 other games
Arthur Long, 45 other games
Morgan Tomaiolo, 44 other games
Robert Spellerberg, 44 other games
Brennen Vega, 43 other games
Sean Schemmel, 42 other games


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Battlezone, a group of 18 people
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Credits for this game were contributed by Fred VT (27052)