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Consoles Plus (Feb, 2001)
Le principe est simple : réaliser des figures et ramasser les petits symboles de couleurs, ce qui reste assez classique en soi. Graphiquement, c'est bien laid, les textures sont troubles, et côté animation ce n'est pas fluide du tout. Ils feraient bien de revoir leur formule de l'eau chez Take 2.
PSM (Jan, 2001)
Contrary to whatever the Artist formerly known as Prince may have told you, there is not that much joy in repetition. In the end, 11 playable characters, a dozen or so aerials, and an authentic surf punk soundtrack don't go far when you're forced to preform the same old song and dance.
Video Games (Jan, 2001)
Ich war wirklich bemüht, dieses Spiel zu mögen. Ganz ehrlich! Ich habe mich richtiggehend darauf gefreut, dank der PS2-Power in realistischen und zunehmend fordernden Brechern mein Glück zu versuchen. Doch bereits die extrem ungenaue und frustrierende Steuerung, die mir auch nach Stundium des Tutorials ein Rätsle blieb, vergraulte mir den echten Wellenspaß. Hinzu kommt die merkwürdige Kameraführung, die den Surfer aus wechselnden Perspektiven zeigt und so ein permanentes Umdenken erfordert. Tja, und die Wellen selbst sehen bis auf einige recht seltenen Ausnahmen eigentlich eher wie einstürzende, türkisblaue Wände aus. Da können selbst die an sich recht gut animierten und detaillierten Surfer (Tattoos!) nicht mehr allzu viel retten.
GamePro (US) (Dec 21, 2000)
Don't expect any Maverick thrills in this disappointing surfer. While it looks like the perfect wave and has an innovative way of controlling your boarder with a miniature surfboard that attaches to both analog sticks, Surfing H30 fails to stay afloat with fun gameplay.
GameSpot (Oct 27, 2000)
Surfing H3O is a perfect example of good intentions gone awry. Its Japanese counterpart is by no means a work of art, but the changes made for the US release hurt the game more than they helped. The surfing game genre may be sparse, but there are still several surfing games that are more worth your time than Surfing H3O.
PSX Extreme (Dec 22, 2000)
Being released one day after the PS2 launched [and I still wonder why], Surfing H30 is a poorly created game by ASCII Entertainment. I just don't feel the rush that surfing should really have, the sense of speed is severely lacking, and the overall game experience is terrible at best. The graphics look plain bad, and on a console that is capable of doing 25 million polygons with effects turned on, this is nothing but a joke, that looks barely acceptable as a N64 title. As for the gameplay itself, the five boring stages you go through take no more than fifteen minutes, and the VS mode could be used as a death threat. Please do me and yourself a big favor and just stay away from Surfing H30, get yourself Tony Hawk 2 or Championship Surfer, even if you don't have a PSOne, remember backwards compatibility!
Gamezone (Germany) (Apr 26, 2001)
Die Idee ist ja ganz toll, aber die Umsetzung ist wohl nicht sonderlich gut gelungen. Hat man rausgefunden, wie die Balance auf dem Surfbrett zu halten ist, macht die Sache ja fast Spaß. Aber dann ist zu merken, daß die Steuerung ziemlich übel ist, wie da gute Trick zu Stande kommen sollen, ist etwas fraglich. Hätten sich die Entwickler doch ein bisschen mehr Mühe gegeben! Denn süchtig nach mehr, kann man schon werden. Aber leider entäuscht dieser Titel zu sehr. Wer es genau wissen möchte, sollte Surfing H3O mal testen.
40 (Jan 31, 2001)
Un soft tout simplement mauvais à de nombreux points de vue. La réalisation catastrophique de Surfing H3o nous prive d'un titre qui aurait pu faire partie des pionniers sur PS2 en offrant un renouveau en terme de sports de glisse. Les fans de surf l'éviteront avec soin tout comme les autres joueurs d'ailleurs.
Har man länge längtat efter ett surfingspel och kan stå ut med svagheterna som jag har radat upp ovan kan Surfing H3O vara värt en titt. Till skillnad från föregångarna ligger den här versionen rent grafiskt närmare verkligheten, tack vare kraften i PlayStation2. Spele försöker dessutom på andra plan efterlikna verkligheten; det är svårt att surfa i verkligheten, allra minst att utföra trick, så även i Surfing H3O.
Having never touched a surfboard, I could be wrong, but isn't surfing fast-paced? Bad controls, stupid goals, and having no reason to advance are just a few reasons to avoid this one.
If you haven't inferred it yet, Surfing H3O is a bad game. Even if you're into surfing, you won't find this title entertaining, and it will probably just serve to make you even angrier. Avoid this game like you would low tide.
Lord have mercy. I’m sure this game sounded like a great idea in the conceptual planning meetings. You know, a surfing game with a unique surfboard controller, filled with hot babes and some kooky alien characters. Bitchin’, dude! Unfortunately, the gameplay rides a tsunami of sewage and crashes into a cesspool of tepid seagull scat. The surfboard peripheral doesn’t help overcome the horribly tuned turning mechanics. Also, the trick system is nearly impossible to master, if in fact there’s anything to master at all. Even worse, it’s possible to win the game without doing any tricks at all. All you have to do is tame the lame physics, stay on your board, and collect weird globe objects for points. After 15 minutes, I ripped the tiny surfboard off my controller and began using it to saw at my wrists, begging for sweet oblivion. If you are suffering from depression, please stay away from this game. There is something to live for, kids.
Gamekult (Jan 26, 2001)
Encore une énorme déception sur PlayStation 2. Surfing H3O est le prototype même d'un jeu complètement raté. Une maniabilité horrible, des options miséreuses, des graphismes bâclés, bref, les amateurs de vagues ne risquent pas de s'éclater dans le tube avec ce titre. L'avènement du surf, ce n'est donc pas pour tout de suite sur console et mieux vaut ressortir sa bonne vieille Lynx et jouer à California Games plutôt que de se procurer ce simulacre de simulation de surf sur PS2 encore une fois...
Game Revolution (Feb, 2001)
Which pretty much describes Surfing H30 in general. The lackluster presentation, awkward control and unbelievably shallow gameplay make this the first official bottom feeder for the PS2. Sic 'em, Jaws.
SportPlanet (Nov 21, 2000)
In order to save you the time I wasted in reviewing this product, I will summarize the following paragraphs with this simple phrase: Surfing H3O sucks. It's no fun. I'm having difficulty rationalizing spending time reviewing this game, but sadly, I've been assigned garbage.
The Video Game Critic (Jun 09, 2001)
The graphics aren't particularly good, and tend to understate the hugeness of the waves, which aren't much to look at anyway. At least the background rock music is fair. And what about the sunny, tropical environments I was looking for? Well most of the stages take place in the rain, snow, or at nighttime. Who would want to surf in the Arctic?! This game is insulting.