Written by  :  blancmange (80)
Written on  :  Aug 22, 2014
Platform  :  PlayStation 2
Rating  :  4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars

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Solid entry in the Tekken series

The Good

'Tekken TAG Tournament' serves as a compilation of the previous three entries in the series. Nearly every character (with the exclusion of one or two) is featured in this game, along with all of their alternate costumes and unique command lists. We're also introduced to a new character in the series, Unknown, who's background is very mysterious and elusive. For an arcade game that came out in 1999, the graphics look more than decent for it's time. The combat flows fast and smooth, model textures are smooth for the most part, and the soundtrack offers an array of lush electronic compositions. 'Tekken TAG Tournament' also offers several other game modes including survival, bowling (which offers funny, cute gameplay), team battles with up to eight fighters, one-on-one matches, and a lovely gallery feature. Environments look very unique and are reminiscent of past levels from previous Tekken entries. This title, however, doesn't progress the storyline of the Tekken series. I was going to put this in the 'Bad' section, but as this game is a compilation, it'd seem a bit unfair to penalize this aspect.

The Bad

I really don't have many negative things to say about 'Tekken TAG.' Really the only minor problem I had was that the practice mode offers combo training, yet the button combination doesn't appear on screen, meaning you'll have to keep checking the command list and memorize it until you get it right. That's about it.

The Bottom Line

This is a wonderful Tekken title, and all I can say is that fans of the series or just plain fighting games will most likely enjoy 'Tekken TAG Tournament.' Dozens of unique characters, a great soundtrack, an enhanced fighting system, and it's variety of gameplay warrants this title at least a quick checkout.