Written by  :  Greg Mitchell (74)
Written on  :  Apr 17, 2007
Platform  :  PlayStation 2
Rating  :  4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars

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Still the very best of one of the best fighting series of all time

The Good

Coming from a die-hard Sega fanatic, Sony hater, PS2 hater, Dreamcast nostalgist, Virtua Fighter maven....I have to admit, Tekken Tag tournament is a masterpiece of a fighting game. For one thing, I love the "tag" aspect (I also love Capcom's Versus games for that reason, especially Marvel vs Capcom 2). It adds a level of strategy and intrigue to fighters that is sorely needed, and the aspect is done much better in TTT than in say, the Dead or Alive series where it's just used as a way for the cpu to cheap you out.

I love the balance and the combos. There are long string combos, but they're all breakable. There are huge move lists, and a good percentage of the moves are useful.

I also love the graphics. This game even looks good now in April 2007, even in the face of the Xbox 360 and PS3. The textures are nice, high polygon count, detailed and active backgrounds, smooth animations.

I very much enjoy the extras on the game, especially Tekken Bowling. It's a silly little thing, but it's something that our friends at Sega could use to spice up the Virtua Fighter line. And though it's generally a pointless storyline, I like having a little ending when I beat the game, and I enjoy the excellent CG cutscenes at the main menu.

All in all, this is simply a wonderful game, and clearly the best launch game that the PS2 had. Its fast-paced, hard-hitting, balanced, fun, dynamic, colorful and exciting every time you play. It has serious depth if you want to learn all the tag moves and 10-hit combos, and you can just pick it up for fun and do okay without having to delve into the strategy guide.

The Bad

The only things I didn't like about TTT are tiny little nitpicks. The first is that stupidly, the game is set at default NOT to autosave your progress to a memory card. You can lose a good bit of time by not setting the auto save to On early. The second is that a lot of the secret characters are pretty useless, if kind of funny. But that's a nitpick since I'd rather have Roger and company in the game than to have them scrap the idea not wanting to spend countless man-hours balancing out the moves set.

The Bottom Line

I would say that Tekken Tag Tournament stands as one of the best fighting games ever made, and I don't mean "Top 20" but rather "Top 10" or maybe even "Top 5". It is fun for die hards and for casual gamers, and shouldn't be missed by anyone with a PS2.