Tekken Tag Tournament Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Opening movie
Main menu
Choose your fighter.
Loading screen showing the upcoming match.
Your opponents ready for some action.
Yoshimitsu giving King a pretty wicked kick.
The fat guy isn't so heavy after all.
Ganryu will be feeling those metal fists to the kidneys in the morning.
You win! But not so fast, it's the best of three rounds.
Aw, how cute. Jun is getting a bear hug. The broken back is complimentary.
Ever been head kicked to the ground by an angel?
Don't worry parents, no one dies in this game, they only get knocked out.
Choose Kazuya and Devil as your team. Instead of tagging they will morph because they are the same person!
Ouch! Bruce delivers a headbutt to the groin.
A boot to the throat
Eddy loves to breakdance fight.
Yes, there are even old guys in this game for the older gaming generation.
Jin backhands Armor King.
There is nothing like relaxing in paradise watching a nice brawl.
Alex: the boxing dinosaur
Didn't your mother ever tell you to not hit girls?
Floating is what Ogres do best... at least in this game.
Tekken Bowl is a mini-game that is unlockable.
I have never seen so many people that excited to watch bowling.
Line up a meter for ball spin and another for ball speed.
Each bowler has different settings and styles that they bowl.
Bowl a strike and your bowlers will do a little dance.
Unlock short videos by beating the game with different characters.
Some videos are pretty cool...
Other videos are pretty ridiculous.