Tenchu: Fatal Shadows (PlayStation 2)

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Hello there, glitch. Having a fine da-AAARGH! Pixelspeech (955) 1.86 Stars1.86 Stars1.86 Stars1.86 Stars1.86 Stars

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Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 4.0
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.6
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.6
Overall User Score (8 votes) 3.8

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Schleichen für Einsteiger: Verglichen mit ihren Kollegen in "Splinter Cell" und "Metal Gear" sind die Soldaten von "Tenchu" taube Nüsse, im Optimalfall sollen sie aber auch gar nicht reagieren - der Schwerpunkt liegt auf dem Einsatz der vielen Extras, mit denen sich tolle Hinterhalte konstruieren lassen. Schleichen und Kämpfen ist in "Fatal Shadows" trotzdem kniffliger, weil Beschattung und Abwehr von Superschlägen schnellere Reaktionen erfordern. Spielerisch hat sich "Tenchu" verbessert, wegen der gekürzten Spielmodi bietet das Abenteuer aber weniger Abwechslung. Kaum Veränderungen gibt es in Sachen alter Serien-Mankos: Die Kamera funktioniert nicht optimal, zudem stehen die Ninjas grafisch und dramaturgisch im Schatten der modernen Spionagekonkurrenz.
Next Level Gaming
You have to very, very committed to the ways of the ninja to get the most out of Tenchu: Fatal Shadows. If you’ve never played a Tenchu game before, this is definitely not the one to start with. If you’ve played the previous installments with relative success, you’ll probably be fairly happy with this one too- even though it’s definitely harder, it’s a manageable difficulty gap from the others. However, if you’re not a patient person, this game will drive you crazy. Although I’ve scored it fairly high, you probably won’t find it nearly as entertaining if you’re not willing to put in the time necessary to effectively clear the levels. As far as future Tenchu titles go, I’d like to see some improved graphics, and maybe some more hiding places built into the levels. Other than that, my only request is to be sure that Rin makes another appearance in the series. She’s too good of a character to let go of now.
Als alter ’Tenchu’-Fan bin ich von der neuesten Episode ziemlich enttäuscht. Klar, das unterhaltsame Gameplay, das Ninja-Setting und die ordentliche Steuerung sorgen nach wie vor für Spaß, aber es ist halt mittlerweile offensichtlich, dass die Serie dringend eine Generalüberholung bräuchte. Weder spielerisch noch technisch kann ’Tenchu: Fatal Shadows’ auch nur ansatzweise mit der starken Stealth-Konkurrenz der Marke ’Splinter Cell’ oder ’Metal Gear Solid’ mithalten. Es ist zwar löblich, dass die Entwickler das Kampfsystem deutlich verbessert haben, aber bei einem Stealth-Spiel geht es nun mal in erster Linie um das Schleichen, Nicht-gesehen-Werden und Austricksen von (cleveren) Gegnern – und gerade in diesen Punkten kann das vorliegende Spiel nicht überzeugen. Hartgesottene ’Tenchu’-Fans dürfen aber durchaus einen Blick riskieren, alle anderen greifen zum besseren Vorgänger oder schlagen gleich bei der stärkeren aktuellen Konkurrenz zu.
Mettant deux jeunes femmes à l'honneur pour la première fois dans la série, d'où le titre "Kurenai" dans la version japonaise qui elle, reste cohérente, le dernier opus en date de la série Tenchu se révèle assez réussi dans son ensemble. Réutilisant certes de nombreuses données du précédent sans vraiment innover, et souffrant encore quelque peu de sa réalisation, il conserve néanmoins cette force, ce "fun" habituel de la saga et parvient à passer outre certains défauts par ce biais. Pas un grand jeu, mais une ode au pouvoir ludique et au monde passionnant des ninjas. Un bruit, le silence.
Game Informer Magazine
Millions of years ago, the age of the ninja came to a close when a meteor hit the Earth, altering the planet’s climate. Unable to adapt to these changes, the ninjas gradually became extinct. No, wait…that was the dinosaurs. In any case, my point is that everything must evolve or eventually die off. Sadly, I’m afraid that the Tenchu franchise, which once helped define the stealth genre on the original PlayStation, has fallen desperately behind the times.
GamePro (US)
The ninja is silent. The ninja is deadly. The ninja also respects tradition-almost to a fault. So it goes with Tenchu: Fatal Shadows, a game that takes its stealth heritage very, very seriously--a slave to dying ways for better or worse.
Game Informer Magazine
Ever since the original Tenchu, I have been waiting patiently for this series to move forward, and unfortunately Fatal Shadows does little new and can be summed simply as just more of the same. Not that it's a bad thing. It's just the series could be so much more than navigating a simple environment, waiting for an opportune moment, and dealing out a stealing kill. Splinter Cell (among others) has moved the stealth genre forward, but Tenchu is still living in the past in both the gameplay and graphics department.
Wrath of Heaven signified the arrival of sneaky ninjas on this generation of gaming platforms. While that last Tenchu title didn't exactly revolutionize the genre, it did adequately expand the franchise that helped popularize third-person stealth action. That is, Wrath of Heaven may not have represented the pinnacle of PlayStation 2 gaming, but it easily offered fans of the series a significantly improved title to appreciate. Knowing that, it's sad to have to admit that Fatal Shadows not only fails to enhance the genre as a whole, but also fails to offer any serious improvements over its predecessor. Though this latest Tenchu will certainly deliver stalwart Tenchu fans more of what they have come to love and loathe, it will do little else.
Ich bin froh, dass bald die neuen Konsolen auf den Markt kommen. Denn das nehmen die Entwickler hoffentlich zum Anlass, Tenchu optisch und spielerisch in eine neue Ära zu hieven - momentan stagnieren die Ninjas auf einem durchwachsenen Niveau. Das ist zwar immer noch wesentlich besser als die peinliche Schlüpferkonkurrenz von Red Ninja, aber weit entfernt von der schleichenden Klasse eines Solid Snake oder Sam Fisher. Man beißt sich durch, hat mal seinen Spaß, mal wieder ein Frusterlebnis, aber nie das Gefühl, etwas Besseres zu spielen als vor zwei Jahren. Fatal Shadows macht im Jahr 2005 genau da weiter, wo Wrath of Heaven schon 2003 aufgehört hat: Stealth-Action mit einigen martialischen Höhepunkten, aber vielen Schwächen in der Präsentation: magere Akustik, abgehackte Laufbewegungen, hässliche Clippingfehler, öde Texturen und eine immer noch unausgereifte Kamera lassen oft hektische Action statt lautloser Kunst entstehen.
It's been a good couple of years since Tenchu's last (and first) outing on the PlayStation 2. Ready for more? This seminal stealth action series, whose publishing rights recently changed hands from Activision to Sega and From Software, actually hasn't changed much at all since its last jaunt. The latest installment, Tenchu: Fatal Shadows, offers an experience that's going to be very familiar to those acquainted with the series and its signature-style killing and grappling-hook swinging, despite an original story and a new playable character. As for those who've never played one of these ninja simulators before, at this point they're unlikely to get past the clunky controls, numbingly dumb enemies, and dated presentation to appreciate what Tenchu has to offer.
“Ninjas - you can not go wrong with ninjas.” There is something about Ninjas that fascinates millions of people worldwide, and this can be seen in many different avenues. The biggest avenue comes from television and movies. There are tons of different anime cartoons that feature ninjas and even more movies that do the same, showing how “cool” the life of a ninja was. Since videogames are mainstream now there has been a huge surge of ninja games, and they range the gauntlet from action to more stealth oriented. The Tenchu series started off its life on the original PlayStation, and there have been many different sequels to its stealthy goodness.
This game itself would be fine if this was 1998 but considering Tenchu: Fatal Shadows sits between games with a similar mission and a more up to date feel I would say leave it on the shelf. Tenchu: Fatal Shadows is not the first sequel in the gaming world but it's the first one not to evolve over time. It seems stuck in the past; opting to modify a few hair styles and change some names to protect the lazy and from there rest on its aging laurels. If you want to play a game where you are a ninja, jumping from roof top to roof top in feudal Japan, get a second hand copy of Tenchu: Stealth Assassins at a fraction of the price - its a great game...for its time.
Digital Entertainment News (den)
The Tenchu series, which debuted in 1998 on the original PlayStation, has seen many titles bear its name. Moving on up to the PS2 and later the Xbox, Tenchu is undoubtedly a name most gamers will know of. Set during feudal Japan, one characteristic has rang true throughout every title bearing the name - silently kill as many dudes as possible. This is where Tenchu: Fatal Shadows excels, sadly at the cost of everything else.
Thunderbolt Games
Here are some facts of life: money makes the world go round, girls ain’t nothing but trouble and ninjas are pretty damned cool. In the case of Tenchu: Fatal Shadows, two of these are true, as both main characters are ninjas (pretty damned cool) and they’re both girls (nothing but trouble). Yes, Rikimaru is gone, which is no surprise actually as he died several games ago, making his resurrection in Wrath of Heaven a bit of a stretch of the imagination anyway. He’s been replaced by Rin, a sexy young red-cloaked female ninja who sort of ends up being taken under Ayame’s wing, which is a nice new direction to take the story – two sassy assassins killing by the cover of darkness. Wait a minute - assassins? Don’t they get well paid? Is money making the world go round true here two? Oh well, there you go.
If you've never played a Tenchu game, I suggest digging around a bit to nab Wrath of Heaven for $20. It honestly feels like a sharper, more polished game when compared to Fatal Shadows. While this latest Tenchu isn't terrible when compared to the rest of the PS2 action-game crop, it just doesn't live up to its legacy. If Sega wants to make any headway with this series, it has to tighten the reigns on developer K2, because Tenchu: Fatal Shadows took several steps backwards and virtually none forward. It's sad to see the series left in the dust, as it's always been a favorite. Obviously, even those who are hardcore Tenchu fans like myself are advised to be wary of a purchase.
Fatal Shadows is a disappointing game on many levels. The most significant letdown is how much of a retread it seems to be. Besides the higher-resolution visuals, you'd be hard-pressed to tell this apart from the PlayStation game that kicked off the series nearly seven years ago. The action is still the same in almost every way, from the awkward controls to the brain-dead yet annoyingly inconsistent A.I. The camera is still twitchier than fresh roadkill, and even the weapons and power-ups are almost identical to those of previous chapters.
Diehard GameFan
Wrath of Heaven might not have been the BEST game out there, but it had a few great things going for it. Different storylines, and even different level variations depending on the character you chose. A two-player co-op mode that was one of the most fun stealth experiences I’ve ever had in a game – I seriously still play this very often with a friend of mine. Unfortunately for Fatal Shadows – NONE of this is present this time around. Nothing is expanded on, nothing is added to.. There’s nothing to be addicted to with this game.
l faut se rendre à l'évidence : Tenchu a veilli, et Fatal Shadows ne pourra satisfaire que les fans absolus de la série. Même si l'ambiance typiquement Tenchu est conservée, le jeu n'a rien fait pour arranger ses défauts, de plus en plus criants à chaque année qui passe. Il faudra donc une nouvelle fois composer avec des caméras difficilement gérables, des ennemis à l'I.A. hasardeuse, un système de combat qui cafouille, et, pour cette fois, un level design vicieux où l'erreur n'est pas permise. La série aurait-elle été tuée en toute discrétion, ou bien continuera-t-elle de vivre dans l'honneur ? Réponse au prochain épisode.
Eurogamer.net (UK)
Fans of the series... fans of the series can shut up. Having their expectations set at such a needlessly mediocre level is no reason to imply the game merits their attention more than anyone else's. With the dreadful lack of effort in the PS1-like visuals, and ghastly AI, even those with especially designed tattoos should consider their old friend exactly that: old.
Moche, court et doté d’une IA aussi mauvaise que sa maniabilité, Tenchu : Fatal Shadows déçoit sur tous les points. Ce qui faisait le charme des premiers épisodes a complètement disparu et on se retrouve face à un jeu d’action furtive banal et bancal. Seuls les stealth kills particulièrement gratifiants incitent le joueur à avancer. Et pour 60 euros, c’est bien peu.