"Namida" can easily win the title of "the most delayed Japanese RPG in history". Shortly after the second game in the series was released for Turbo CD in 1992, Hudson released Kabuki Den, whose story was closely related to the one of the second game. It wasn't considered a true sequel, but more of a gaiden (side story). Since there were already three Tengai Makyou games for the Turbo CD, Hudson decided to develop the sequel for a more advanced platform, the PC FX. Due to various reasons, the release was delayed, and meanwhile Hudson released The Apocalypse for Saturn, which got the number 4 in the series. The long-anticipated third game was very close to being released in 1998, when Hudson canceled it due to lack of popularity of PC FX, and soon thereafter announced they will develop a game for next generation console, featuring 3D graphics. First they planned a GameCube release in 2002, but it was also canceled. Finally, after 11 (!) years of waiting, the game was released for Playstation 2.

Contributed by Oleg Roschin (181560) on Apr 30, 2005. -- edit trivia