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The Terminator: Dawn of Fate (PlayStation 2)

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The Terminator: Dawn of Fate Credits

Paradigm Entertainment

Lead Game Designer  Kenneth Tabor
Lead Software Engineer Mike Christian
Lead Artist  David Krueger
Art Director  Mark Grigsby
Game Designer  Craig Bolin
Level Designer  Chad Steingraber
System Engineers  Mike Petersen, Ken Rogoway
AI Engineers  Galen Valentine, Brian Baird, Stephen Hess, Angus Henderson, David Venturini
Front End  Shawn Halwes
Level Logic  Lionel Laissus, Julie Inmon
Lead Technical Artist Robert A. Gaines
3D Artists  Raymond Arriaga, Brandon Power, Chris Donelson, Lewis M. Walden III, Chris Moffitt
Animators  Christopher Adams, Robert Walden
Interface Designer   Aaron Wright
FMV Cinematics Woody Smith, Jason Alexander
Audio DirectorJ. D. Smith
Sr.Audio Software EngineersBrenden Tennant
Audio Software EngineersJohn Rogers
Core Technology Rob C. Rossow, Matt Schmulen, Andrew Richards, Tommy Bean, Michael Bean
Production Assistant Robert Portis
Producer Josh Hackney
Special ThanksDave Gatchel, Shawn Wright, Mahdad G. Ansari, Bob Bates, Flint Dille, Jim Galis, Steve Lotspeich, Chris Johnson, Donna Henry, Lucy Stewart, Brad Robnett, Scott Hansen, James Beaty, Amechi Amanugi, Christine Smith

Artisan Music And Sound

In‑Game MusicRobert Daspit

Scotch Productions (Voice Talent)

Voice TalentBruce DuBose, David Wilk, Julio Cedillo, Marcus Mauldin, Patty Silva

Infogrames (Production)

Studio Senior VP Jean-Philippe Agati
VP Product DevelopmentSteven Ackrich
Senior Producer Fran├žois Lourdin
Art DirectorMark Soderwall
Senior ArtistShawn Monroe

Quality Assurance

Director of Publishing Support ServicesMichael H. Gilmartin
Director of QA Michael Craighead
QA Supervisors Donald T. Clay, Jeffrey L. Loney, Ezequiel Nunez
QA Lead Testers Fernando Valderrama, Jorge Oseguera
Assistant Lead Tester Joseph Fried, Jason Fitzgerald
QA Testers Franco Junio, Fraida Toribio, Wilfredo Dimas, Ronald Rodriguez, Robert Baldwin, Joe Acedillo, D'Artagnan Greene, Richard Higbee, Jason Kausch, Long Phan, Peter Sodbinow, Lupe DeLeon, Pepe Jauregui, Miguel Jauregui, Adrian Morales, Sagi Cezana, Pedro Ponce, Cherilyn Rocha
Engineering ServicesLuis Rivas, Ken Edwards

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Credits for this game were contributed by J.D. Smith (128)