Test Drive: Off-Road - Wide Open (PlayStation 2)

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Test Drive: Off-Road - Wide Open Credits

Angel Studios

Executive ProducerAlan Wasserman
ProducerJoseph A. Sanabria
DesignerJosh Hart
Lead ProgrammerBill Hicks
Technical DirectorAlexander Ehrath
Lead ArtistMary Ann Fernandes
Art DirectorTed Bradshaw
Sound DesignerJay Levorson
Level DesignMark Fredrickson, Mike Gonzales, Ben Ridgway
AI ProgrammingKahn Jekarl
Game and Effects ProgrammersMike Haynes, Chris Perry, Mark Rotenberg
Terrain Engine ProgrammerSteven Reed
Tools ProgrammersJeremy Jessup, Bill Purvis
Vehicle ModelersKouros Moghaddam, Michael Nagatani
3D ArtistsMike Gonzales, Eric Lin, Drew Medina, Ben Ridgway, Caterina Schintu
UI ArtistMarshall Ross
Game Analyst Production AssistantEric T. Smith
Director of Product Development & Software DirectorClinton Keith
Director of Game DesignFrédéric Markus
Art Department DirectorAndrea Elam
A.G.E. (Angel Game Engine) & Programming SupportNathan Carlin, David Etherton, Devan Hammack, Jim Laurino, Wil Paredes, Jeffrey J. Roorda, Steve Rotenberg
Additional Vehicle ModelersGarrett Flynn, Eduardo Franz Tommasi, James Graham, David McGrath
Additional Art SupportBonnie Bright, Mike Carnick, Dianna Davies, Andrea Elam, Lisa Mulvaney, Rob Sharo, Ron Suverkrop, Brian Vanderhulst, Michael Wallin
TestingBrian Kent, Dirk Lancaster, Race Lancaster, Matt Eagleson
Special ThanksDiego Angel, Michael Limber, Brad Hunt, Julie Liss, Kristen Sinclair, Jo Kilburn, Jennifer Sole, Shannon Haynes, David Counts, Michael Mattes, Robert Bacon, everyone else here at Angel Studios, Gunnar Ericksson (Ranch Hummer), The Mopar Club of San Diego, Huntington Beach Hummer, and especially to the friends and families of the team that have been so supportive through all the long hours and hard work


Director of Product DevelopmentChris Downend
ProducerKen George
Associate ProducerMark Pentek
CinematicsCircus Freak Studios, Norman Badillo, Jeremy Dale, Lee Rosenbaum, Seth Swanson, Lee Petty
Cinematics InfogramesShawn Monroe, Angus Wilson
QA Lead AnalystArif Sinan
QA AnalystsDavid Gordillo, Lupe DeLeon, Jorge Oseguera, Long Phan, Jared Jackson, Helen Hinchcliffe, Greg Akatiff, Chris Chikes, Melanie Macari, Jose Renteria, Tom Macari, David Treakle
Director of Marketing Sports and RacingLaddie Ervin
Product Marketing ManagersScott McCarthy, Jean Raymond
Manager, Engineering ServicesLuis Rivas
Public RelationsMika Kelly
LicensingTim Campbell, Brent Wilkinson, Marie Person
Publications ManagerWilliam Robinson
Documentation SpecialistChristopher Dawley
Creative Services ManagerCecilia Munoz
Creative ServicesDavid Ellison, Rick Fish, Katherine Lee
Special ThanksBruno Bonnell, Diego Angel, Steven Ackrich, Steven M. Allison, Yves Legris, Yves Blehaut, Jean-Philippe Agati, John Koronaios, Chuck Revell, Debbie George, Maissa Dauriac, Scott Mora, Rita Rivers, Rod Hall, Charles Doyle, Tom Magno, Bryan Mahony, Robert Chemtob, Robert Noseworthy, Ritchie Fanslow, Lourne Wilson, Jeffrey Huelsman, Ferris Kawar, Attik, Huntington Beach Hummer, National Park Service


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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69543)