Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

The first game screen consists of logos and licensing information. This is followed by a very short animated sequence
A scene from the short animated sequence that precedes the main menu. It mainly consists of in-game representations of the golfers, the only live footage is of the crowd in the background
The title screen follows he animated sequence
The game does not pause here with the usual 'Press Start Button' message but goes straight to the main menu once loading has finished
The main menu. While menus are displayed Tiger Woods bounces a ball on the end of his club and does a variety of tricks
The game has three tutorials, Basic Swing, Advanced Swing, and Putting. This is from the Basic Swing video and shows the power bar increasing as the club is swung back
These are the game modes that are available.
The Play Now option on the main menu takes the player to a series of challenges.
Playing one of the Play Now challenges. Here the layer is preparing to tee-off. Just behind the player's head is the target marker, a yellow triangle
This is on the Spyglass Hill course
That's not a bad shot!
Pity it's my opponent who made it
Preparing to take a putt. Note that the customary grid is not displayed automatically
The end of one of the Play Now scenarios
It did not go well
Starting a Tournament.
This will be played as a single player match. The choice of golfer is up to the player. On the next screen the player selects one of the three courses
The start of a tournament. This is the screen that the player sees while the game loads.
Preparing to tee off in a tournament at Pebble Beach
Because this is a tournament there's an extra information box in the top right
When the ball has been struck some distance it leaves a comet-like trail which makes it easier to spot in these aerial views
The scoreboard from a tournament
The in-game pause menu
Putting. Though the customary grid view is not displayed automatically it is still available. The camera viewpoint can be rotated too