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Advertising Blurbs

"Nintendo Winter 2002" promotional booklet - GameCube:
    Play some of the world's great courses as an against the world's greatest golfers. With the most PGA Tour Pros to date and 12 hard-driving original characters, tee it up and see how your game stacks up on world-famous courses such as Pebble Beach Golf Links. Test yourself in a variety of SkillZone mini-games, or crush your buddies in a furious round of Speed Golf. And, with the all-new Wolrdwide Leaderboard, you can check your ranking online and compare your game against golfers around the globe. You can even see how you stack up against the real Tiger Woods! It's your chance to be or beat #1.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4616) on Feb 26, 2006.

www.nintendo.com – GameCube:

    Tee off with the world's greatest golfers on the world's most beautiful colors.

    EA Sports brings a full-featured golf game to the Nintendo GameCube with 15 PGA pros, 12 different courses and lots of extras to unlock.

    Here you can live out your dreams of beating Tiger at Pebble Beach! You too can drive 300 yards down the middle of the fairway, sink a putt from 40 feet, and win tournaments against some of the top PGA pros.

    The Proof is in the Putting

    A large list of real-life and fictional players gives you plenty of golfers to play as or against. In addition to Tiger Woods, the pros include 2001 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year Charles Howell III and Ty Tyron, the youngest payer ever on the tour. The 12 fictional golfers have colorful monikers like Big Mo or Yosh Tanigawa. Each golfer is rated for Power, Accuracy, Putting and Recovery.

    Of Courses

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 outdoes many golf games by offering 12 courses, including nine of the world's most prestigious:

    * Pebble Beach
    * TPC at Sawgrass
    * Princeville
    * Royal Birkdale
    * Torrey Pines
    * St Andrews
    * Black Rock Cove
    * Poppy Hills
    * TPC of Scottsdale
    * The Highlands
    * The Predator
    * Spyglass Hill

    The three original courses present unique challenges. For example, Tiger's Dream 18 features 18 holes hand-picked by El Tigre himself from the 216 in the game.

    Getting into the Swing of Things

    When swinging, you mimic the motion of a club by pulling back, then pushing forward on the Control Stick. It takes time to get used to this control scheme, but after a few rounds you will have a picture perfect swing. Experienced players can play a slice, fade or draw and adjust for power.

    There are many factors to consider before swinging, including variable winds that are always a threat to blow your ball off course. Even the best players will have to play out of the rough occasionally, but with a good Recovery rating you can save par often. A brief tutorial introduces different shot types including Approach, Flop and Punch shots. As with the actual game of golf, half the challenge is figuring out the correct club and technique for each fresh situation.

    Game Modes

    You can select the appearance and clubs of your golfer, then earn money in the various game modes. Your earnings can be used to boost your stats and buy new equipment. Saving your User Profile requires a Memory Card (not included) with 16 free blocks.

    In the Tiger Challenge you compete against a series of increasingly skillful opponents. Beating top pros yields big bucks and unlocks golfers for use in the other modes.

    The Skillzone is a series of minigames in which holes are marked with a bull's-eye and you score points by landing on target. Depending on the mode you choose you will have a limited time or number of balls to score points. This is a great mode for two players. There's even a version of HORSE in which you have to match or beat your buddy's shot or be assigned a letter. The first player to spell T-I-G-E-R loses.

    In Scenario mode you are placed in one of 50 high-pressure situations. A good performance will earn you a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal to add to your collection.

    Speed Golf is an unconventional mode where you race through a course as quickly as possible. In this contest, the number of strokes doesn't count so it won't pay to ponder each shot carefully.

    Up to four players can participate in Stroke Play, which is a standard round of golf, as well as Match Play and Skins competitions.

    Over 20 different Tournaments will challenge you to play one or more rounds against a field of competitors. Up to four players can enter a tournament, but only one will come out on top. You can also enter special Online Events by visiting EA's web site and posting your results to be ranked against other players.

    Graphics and Sound

    The golfers in Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf 2003 are nicely detailed, with authentic swing animations and attire. Expressive faces add a lot to the game's drama. For example, a golfer may squint to watch key strokes or grimace when faced with a bad lie. The pretty courses feature realistic foliage and a very good sight distance, but the water looks plain.

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf 2003 also captures the sounds of a golf match with chirping birds, planes soaring overhead, and the crowd reacting to each shot. Golf commentators Dave Feherty and Bill Macatee are often quite informative. A brief fly-by explains the tricky points of each hole before you tee off.

    Amid the realistic graphics and sound are some unexpectedly zany camera effects. A replay montage splits the screen into six side-by-side replays of your swing, and a Matrix-inspired camera pauses the action and twirls around your golfer in a blur. These fancy effects are exciting, but they don't seem to fit the leisurely pace of golf as it's played in the real world. When your ball explodes off the tee and leaves a trail of smoke, so does your suspension of disbelief.


    Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf 2003 has much to offer golfing fans. Good graphics, lots of realism, and many game modes will keep you golfing quite some time. The control scheme offers plenty of finesse. The best part, though, may be to play the world's top courses with no green fees.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (61317) on Sep 17, 2005.


    Auch wenn es sich anfühlt, als wären erst zwei Minuten vergangen, seit Tiger Woods zuletzt mit dem Golfschläger attackiert hat, können Sie versichert sein, dass EA sich nicht auf seinen Lorbeeren ausgeruht hat. Im Gegenteil - PGA Tour 2002 wurde komplett überarbeitet. Die neue Version ist mit einer sportlich schnittigen Grafik und noch realistischerem Gameplay sowie vollkommen neuen Wettbewerben ausgestattet. Ausserdem gibt es einen schmucken Online-Modus, den Sie mit Sicherheit lieben werden. Sie haben die Möglichkeit zur Teilnahme an Turnieren in aller Welt und Zugang zu einer Weltrangliste, in der Sie Ihre Turnier-Resultate eintragen und auch ansehen können.


    PGA Tour 2003 erreicht bemerkenswerte Realität und Tiefe mit 14 der schönsten Golfplätze der Welt, inklusive Pebble Beach Golf Links, dem Tournament Players Club in Sawgrass, dem Royal Birkdale Golf Club, Torrey Pines, Poppy Hills und dem Tournament Players Club in Scottsdale sowie sechs einzigartigen Kurs-Anlagen, von denen Sie gekonnt abschlagen können.

    Zu Ihrer Verfügung stehen zusätzlich eine Vielzahl von Modi, um Ihren Schwung zu testen, wenn Sie erst einmal den Kurs gewählt haben, auf dem Sie Ihr Können zeigen wollen. Ergänzend zu den Standard-Modi Stroke Play, Tournament und Practice müssen Sie sich nun auch der Challenge-Tiger-Option stellen, mit der Sie während des Vorankommens weitere Golfer und Tour-Karten freispielen können. Ausserdem finden Sie die geschmackvolle neue SkillZone, in der Sie einen Eimer voll Golfbällen für eine Reihe Mini-Games kaufen können sowie die voll anpassbare Create-a-Course-Option, um einen ganz eigenen Satz Golf-Löcher zu erstellen und auch zu benennen. Speed-Golf begrüsst Sie ebenfalls wieder, diesmal mit einem verrückten Schlag am letzten Loch, und der Street-Golf-Modus erlaubt Ihnen schlussendlich eine ordentliche Portion Action mitten in der Stadt, wo Sie auf Bürgersteigen putten.

    Sie können sowohl grosse Golf-Stars wählen, als auch aus einem zusätzlichen Aufgebot spielbarer Charaktere, die Sie entlang Ihres Weges freischalten. Neben dem Meister selbst - Tiger Woods - gehören Ty Tryon, Charles Howell III, Notah Begay III, Vijay Singh, Jesper Parnevik, Jim Furyk und Mark Calcavecchia zum Star-Ensemble.

    EA hat eine verschwenderische Fülle neuer Extras in dieser neusten Fortsetzung der PGA-Tour-Serie gepackt und poliert so das Spiel glanzvoll auf. Bessere Grafik und Darstellung, detailliertere Polygone und die Einbeziehung von Online-Ereignissen machen aus dem Spiel ein schlagkräftiges Stück Golf-Action.


  • Spielen Sie auf 14 der weltbekanntesten Golfkurse, inklusive dem Tournament Players Club in Scottsdale, dem Royal Birkdale Golf Club, Princeville, Torrey Pines, Poppy Hills und Spyglass Hill

  • Völlig neue Online-Events erlauben den Spielern die Teilnahme an Turnieren und Zugang zur Weltrangliste, um Rekorde einzusehen und zu aktualisieren

  • Treten Sie an und spielen Sie als einer von 17 PGA-Tour-Profis, inklusive dem Meister selbst - Tiger Woods

  • Der Total Precision Swing gibt Ihnen ungeahnte Möglichkeiten der Präzision

    Contributed by Xoleras (65916) on Sep 23, 2004.

Press Release - Windows:


    REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – November 1, 2002 – Go inside the ropes of the PGA TOUR® with the most realistic PC golf game ever published, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2003 from Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: ERTS), available today. Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2003 brings golf to life on the computer in a completely 3-D world with a brand new course and PGA TOUR golfer lineup. Enhanced True Swing ’ mouse swing delivers the most realistic feeling of swinging a golf club on the computer.

    “This is the deepest and most realistic golf game I have seen on the PC,” said Tiger Woods, who has been with EA since 1999. “With the selection of courses and players offered, this is as close to play on the PGA TOUR as possible. Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2003 offers a product where you get to play the best players on the best courses worldwide.”

    Play at 12 different PGA TOUR courses including Pebble Beach® Golf Links, Tournament Players Club at Sawgrass, The Royal Birkdale Golf Club, Prince Course at Princeville, Poppy Hills®, Spyglass Hill® and new for 2003, the “home of golf”, prestigious St. Andrews Golf Links, the Tournament Players Club of Scottsdale, Sahalee Country Club, Colonial Country Club, Torrey Pines South Course and Bay Hill Club and Lodge. Introducing a new full-featured Skill Zone practice range where you can practice your different shots, take lessons, or hit a bucket of balls to see how far you drive the ball. Compete as or against the most (15) PGA TOUR members to date, including Tiger Woods, Ty Tryon, Charles Howell III, Notah Begay III, Jesper Parnevik among others. Also compete as or against game commentators David Feherty and Bill Macatee as well as female and male amateur models.

    New in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2003 is a Career Mode that completely immerses the player into a rags to riches, struggle to the top game; players can create their own custom golfer and develop their skills through competitions and challenges against amateur and PGA TOUR opponents. New rendering effects allow the grass to grow around your feet, making the rough rougher; weather effects let you “feel” the sun, the wind and the chill as the fog rolls in. Online game play is all new through the EA SPORTS’ Online Service* where players compete via seamless match up and participate in online tournaments and clubs

    EA SPORTS (www.easports.com) is the leading interactive sports software brand in the world. Its top-selling franchises and games include FIFA soccer, John Madden Football’, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Golf, NHL® hockey, Knockout Kings’ boxing, NBA LIVE basketball, Triple Play Baseball’ and NASCAR Thunder racing.

    Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2003 for the PC was developed by Headgate Studios and is rated “E” (Everyone) by the ESRB. Consumers may purchase the game directly at the EA Store SM (http://www.eastore.ea.com) or by calling EA Direct Sales at 1.877.324.2637. The suggested retail price is $39.95. Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2003 is also available for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, Xbox’ video game system from Microsoft and Nintendo GameCube’.

    About Electronic Arts Electronic Arts (EA), headquartered in Redwood City, California, is the world’s leading interactive entertainment software company. Founded in 1982, EA posted revenues of more than $1.7 billion for fiscal 2002. The company develops, publishes and distributes software worldwide for the Internet, personal computers and video game systems. EA markets its products under four brand names: EA SPORTS’, EA GAMES’, EA SPORTS BIG’ and EA.COM. More information about EA’s products and full text of press releases can be found on the Internet at http://info.ea.com.


    Contributed by skl (1135) on Feb 28, 2004.

Back of Box, XBOX (Canada, U.S.):

    • Elite and unique golfers and courses
      The most PGA TOUR Pros to date and 12 original characters, plus 9 PGA TOUR courses and 3 incredible fantasy courses.
    • All-new worldwide leaderboard
      Check your ranking online and compare your game against golfers from around the world--you can even see how you stack up against the real Tiger Woods.
    • Play for fun, play under pressure
      10 game modes deliver a variety of gameplay options--from the fun of golf with your buddies to the ultimate pressure of the PGA TOUR.
    • Swing away in 6 mini-games
      Test yourself in a variety of challenging SkillZone games or crush your buddy in a furious round of Speed Golf.
    • New EA Sports Trax
      Hot music releases from Saliva, Paul Oakenfold, Ash, 12 Stones, and more.

    Where greatness meets greatness.

    New fantasy and PGA TOUR courses.

    Your chance to be or beat #1.

    Unlock hard-driving fantasy golfers.

    Contributed by JPaterson (9102) on Nov 24, 2002.