Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

The game's title screen.
This follows an animated introduction featuring Tiger Woods doing his stuff and a series of wacky characters doing odd dance moves on the green
The game's start screen
By chance the memory card had a save game from Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 on it and this resulted in a bonus before the 2004 game had been played!
The game's menu.
The EXTRAS option leads to the game credits, a video montage of Tiger, a Tiger walkthrough of the 18th at Bay Hill & previews of Madden 2004, NBA 2004 and Rugby 2004.
Through the Game Options menu the player can view highlights of their games, select the music tracks the game plays, set volume levels and enter passwords to unlock courses & players
Equipping the player.
The emulator doesn't display skin very well but look at all the kit! 24 kinds of shoe, 85 kinds of pants, 149 shirts most of which, naturally, have to be unlocked
Setting up a new player and spending some bonus money on improving their attributes. The same screen is used in-game to spend prize money.
As the player progresses new items are made available in the Pro Shop. Five items can be bought per day at a 50% discount with new items becoming available at midnight
The My Tour option from the main menu contains the player's stats, trophies, records for the player and AI opponents, the create-a-course option, and the player's biography
The Game Modes are World Tour, Scenarios, Traditional Games, Arcade Modes, Real-Time Events and PGA Tour Season. They're only available once the the tutorial has been completed
The in-game load screen reminds the player of the controls
Playing Target Golf, one of the Arcade modes. The player has a fixed number of balls and several very difficult targets to hit. This was a good shot to land on a 5x multiplier