TimeSplitters 2 Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

The title screen
After this the number of players is selected and player profiles are selected or created before the main menu is reached
The main menu
This is followed by an animated sequence that outlines the story, how dastardly aliens have taken their war with Earth into our past
At the start of the story mode there's an animated sequence showing the alien baddies who progress to take the war into Earth's past
There are six controller options, Classic, Classic B, Radical, Radical B, Digital and Custom
Playing in Story mode
The first mission is in Siberia. Later levels are locked until mission one is complete
The start of mission one in Story Mode
The mission starts with an animated introduction in which two hapless soldiers encounter a zombie in the tunnels
The start of mission one in Story Mode
The portal's dropped us in a tunnel where there's a couple of handy weapons just lying around
The hand held device shows the local map
The sniper rifle has a neat zoom function but the player can zoom with all guns. The L1 button brings up a targetting reticule
This is a bullet hole in the snow
Some crates and oil drums will explode when shot. This is a fire extinguisher and when shot it flies around quite spectacularly
The in-game status screen, in Spanish
The in-game status screen for mission one in story mode, it's accessed via the pause menu
There's a status screen and other options on this menu too
One of the objectives is to destroy files as we explore the compound. This can be done with mines
This is a nice touch, the reflection of a red overhead light on the gun
There are items on shelves to be collected
Here there are bullets, a gun, and armour
The game uses this indicator to show that the player has been shot and also when some armour has been collected
Sub task complete
Playing in story mode. After fighting through the compound the player finally gets to meet their first zombies. They are very tough to kill
Whoopee! We have a grenade launcher
Mission complete
This is the way home
It's not Game Over
It's just the end of mission one in story mode
Whenever the player completes a mission and returns to the main menu the game auto saves progress
This is the mission selection screen from the story mode
Mission One - Siberia has been played and this has unlocked Mission Two - Chicago
Story mode mission two is in Chicago and uses vintage weapons
Arcade Mode
There are three modes of play Arcade League, Arcade Custom and Network
Arcade League has three leagues Amateur, Honorary and Elite
These are the amateur games series
The first game in the Arcade League / Amateur League / Beginners series is a deathmatch
The objectives for the first game in the Arcade League / Amateur League / Beginners series. There's no choice of character in this game
Playing in Challenge mode, these are the available games
Each option here represents a game series
The objectives for the first game in the Challenge / Glass Smash series
A screen from the map creation function
The player selects cells on a grid and the places features into the cell.
Other options here place weapons, power-ups, set lighting etc