TimeSplitters: Future Perfect (PlayStation 2)

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TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Credits

Free Radical Design Ltd

Directed ByStephen Ellis, David Doak
Team LeaderHasit Zala
Music and SoundGraeme Norgate
Head of ArtKarl Hilton
Head of AnimationJames Cunliffe
Senior ProgrammersJoe Moulding, Peter Hall, James Hubbard
ProgrammersCharlie Cole, Max Dyckhoff, Tom Papados, Miles Clapham, Mark Logan, Damien Chin, David Conley
Tools ProgrammersPaul Hanshaw, Andrew Rayson
Additional ProgrammingAndrew Birdsall, Tim Furnish
Lead Level SetupSteven Lewis
Level SetupAlex Hood, Neil Walker, Dominic Butler
Lead Character ArtistBen Newman
Character ArtistsJake Gumbleton, Nick Carver, Mark O'Kane, Stephen Davison
Lead ArtistTristan Reidford
ArtistsDan Evans, Roger Bohl, Mark Lack, Craig Collins, James Mohan, Aidan Wilson, Scott Robinson, Stephen Cooper, Brad Warren
Lead In‑Game AnimatorDamon Tasker
In‑Game AnimatorsAndrew Hunt, Andrew Murray
Lead Cutscene AnimatorAndrew Lawson
Cutscene AnimatorsAlexander Crowhurst, Chad Ellis, JoJo Young, Javier Moratinos
Additional AnimationCurtis Fell, Simon Scott
Project ManagementMartin Keywood
QA ManagementKevin Ellis, Paul Ellis
QA TesterMichael Adamson
MusicChristian Marcussen
Additional MusicRoss Tregenza, Steve Croker, Jeremy Taylor
Principal Voice TalentTom Clarke-Hill (as Cortez), Sarah Mennell (as Anya), Wayne Forester (as Jacob Crow)
Additional Voice TalentLes Spink, Mac Macdonald, Melanie Bond, Lorelei King, William Roberts, Ian Porter, Laurence Bouvard, Lynsey Beauchamp, Martin T. Sherman, Alanis Peart, Ben Talbot, Michael French, Steve Hill, Jo Upton, Mark Sorrell, Rob Burman
System SupportJohn Veasey, Wasim Bashir
Office ManagementMichella Angeloni, Allison Lobb, Alison Pridmore
Special ThanksGillian Cordall, Mario Club, Tom Frisina, Outsource Media

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