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TimeSplitters (PlayStation 2)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

TimeSplitters Credits


Lead ProgrammingStephen Ellis
Design / ProgrammerDavid Doak
Lead ArtistKarl Hilton
Sound & MusicGraeme Norgate
Senior ArtistLee Ray
Senior ProgrammerHasit Zala
Lead AnimatorJames Cunliffe
Lead Character ArtistBen Newman
AnimatorEzra Allen
Character ArtistLes Spink
ProgrammerDenis Fabrice, Paul Hanshaw, Joe Moulding
Background ArtistRob Steptoe, Brad Warren
Level SetupThomas Houghton
Acting / VoiceoversKevin Clarke, Imme Dahlberg, Ilke Decker, Malika Djellali, Kevin Ellis, Paul Ellis, Stuart Graham, Brigitte Juergensen, Ana Louise Marsh, Elaine Marsh, Toni Morgan, Jenny Sackin, Andy Whitehill, Barbara Whitehill, Jo Whitehill, Lucy Young
ProducerRichard Carter
Executive ProducerEd Bainbridge
Brand ManagerMichael Newey
Mastering TechnicianJason Walker
External Development ManagerDavid Rose
Quality AssuranceAbrus Ali, David Babajee, Alex Hood, Neall Jones, Philip Maskell, Michael Owusu, David Pettit, Derren Toussaint, John Wagland, David Ward, Paul Field
Quality Assurance ManagerChris Rowley
PR ManagerSteve Starvis
PR AssistantAne Oleson
Special Thanks ToGeorge Bain, Alistair Bodin, Mark Breugelmans, Lee Briggs, Ron Carter, Zeno Coleco, Gillian Cordall, Grant Dean, Neil Donnell, Jonas Eneroth, Sara Goodwin, Paul Holman, Colin Hughes, Mike Kavallierou, Rose Montgomery, Charlotte Osbourne, Eidos Sales, Phil Spencer, Roy Warren
LocalisationJean-Yves Duret
Quality AssuranceGordon Gram

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jason Walker (1744) and Ray Mullen (330)