Written by  :  DudeOfMonson (118)
Written on  :  Jan 02, 2007
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Awesome FPS game!!!

The Good

This game provided years of entertainment. Seriously YEARS! The graphics were pretty good, a little cartoon-like but good. The guns were so awesome and heavy it really ads to the experience.The story was really good and the multi-player was the best. It is really fun to customize multi-player game settings to your mood. For instance if you feel like mowing people down set up a deathmatch with the minigun. Feel like blowing stuff up, set up a rocket launcher deathmatch. Not only are there many many cool guns there are many game types. Such as Virus, team-deathmatch, capture the bag, elimination, theif and shrink. All in all its a great game.

The Bad

I wish there were more arenas. There is about ten but this game makes you want more.

The Bottom Line

Great game, one of my favorite FPS for PS2.