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PlayStation 2 version

Title Screen
There are three types of game types.
There are a lot of characters to choose from.
Elvis decides to make an appearance.
Most of the characters are pretty unique.
You can even play as a Timesplitter.
Mr. Big looks like he means business.
Story mode starts off at the tomb.
You must find the item in each level.
Once you acquire the item, the Timeplitters will warp and try to get you.
I don't think they are too happy about it.
The levels are just about as unique as the characters.
Looks like they knew I was coming.
An explosion to the face should take care of a few things.
Complete story mode levels in certain amount of time to move on to the next level. Complete them in super fast time to unlock characters and other goodies.
In arcade mode, there are different styles of play, including Deathmatch.
Watch your back, there is always someone out to get you.
BagTag is another arcade mode game.
Once you have the bag, pop people in the face with your fist.
Capture the Bag is all about grabbing the other team's bag.
What's with all these bags?
Knockout is yet another game involving... yes, you guessed it! Bags!
This level is full of tunnels into the rock formations.
Three rockets should keep him quiet for now.
Escort is another game in arcade mode where you must get the escortee safely across the level.
The escortee must reach the circle without dying from enemy fire.
The last type of game you can play in arcade mode is called LastStand. Here you must protect all three bases from enemy fire as long as you can.
In challenge mode, there are a lot of random odd tasks you must complete to move on. Like on this one where you must shoot all the plates and glass on this level.
On this challenge exercise, you must escort a duck.
If you feel the game's levels are inadequate, make your own with the map maker!