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89 (Apr 28, 2004)
Wer hätte gedacht, dass dieses multiple Konzept aufgeht? DTM Race Driver 2 ist reich an hoch qualitativer Quantität - wer gerne auf vier Rädern Gas gibt, ist hier richtig. Mit diesem Spiel haben die Entwickler aus dem Hause Codemasters eindrucksvoll bewiesen, dass sie zur Zeit tatsächlich die Meister des Rennspiel-Codes sind. Fans des Genres sollten unbedingt zugreifen!
Game Chronicles (Nov 15, 2004)
Those of you racing fans that have been patiently waiting for Gran Tursimo 4, I feel your pain. The world’s greatest racing franchise only gets hazier and hazier with each news update, the most shocking being the statement at this year’s Tokyo Game Show that the developers have completely dropped online play. This reviewer is even willing to bet that GT4 won’t make its mid-December release and not surface until summer of ’05. Well, for those of you that are tired of the old Sony runaround and want to get that online racing bone scratched, I have a possible solution for you. While it may not come with much hype, TOCA: Race Driver 2 is an incredible online racing simulator that offers more than any of its competitors, even our beloved (and belated) Gran Turismo.
Gaming Target (Dec 03, 2004)
Earlier this year, TOCA Race Driver 2 released for Xbox and was hailed as the scariest racing game ever. Who’d have ever thought this would be eclipsed so fast? Thanks to the most hair-raising racer of all time, Burnout 3, the fear factor has slightly been reduced in time for this excellent PS2 conversion of the Xbox hit. Don’t get it wrong – for $30 you’re looking at one of the finer simulations, a perfect game to tide you over until Gran Turismo 4 eventually comes out (this is, if it ever comes out), but some of the impact has been lost in terms of speed and scariness of racing a car at top speeds. With online play and great graphics, TOCA Race Driver 2 is a great addition to any PS2 racing fans library; but with Burnout 3 still lingering, the bar has been surpassed and the impact has slightly been lost.
GameZone (Oct 15, 2004)
There is a distinct popping sound as the Mustang downshifts for the corner, a little delay as the gear engages, then that horrific sound of metal-upon-metal as a competitor decides to swing over into the path you have taken to pass.
IGN (Oct 12, 2004)
One of our favorite racers from a couple years ago was Codemasters' Pro Race Driver. It's still is as good as racing gets for the circuit driver. We loved it so much we scored it a 9.3 and called it a day. Apparently, this wasn't good enough for Codemasters, the publisher-developer behind the simmy track racer. Codie is aiming to make the second time the charm by releasing ToCA Race Driver 2. Don't let the silly name convention fool you; it's the true sequel to last year's outing and with a few months between the Xbox release and the PS2 release there are a few small additions as well.
GameSpot (Oct 08, 2004)
If you're a racing fan with a PS2 and $30 burning a hole in your pocket, TOCA Race Driver 2 is a great way to go. Earlier this year, Codemasters released TOCA Race Driver 2: The Ultimate Racing Simulator for the Xbox and PC. As the sequel to Pro Race Driver, TOCA 2 proved to be a big improvement over its predecessor, as well as something of a value-priced steal for Xbox and PC racing fans. Now, Codemasters has brought TOCA 2 to your PlayStation 2.
80 (May 11, 2005)
TOCA Race Driver 2 is an excellent racing game that while isn't the best in the genre, diversifies enough to make it a unique and completely enjoyable experience. In fact, if it wasn't for the odd problem, it could probably claim the title of the "Ultimate Racing Simulator" - that is, if Gran Turismo 4 hadn't been recently released.
80 (Oct 18, 2004)
On était en droit de s'attendre à un jeu un peu plus facile d'accès et si les amateurs seront ravis, les néophytes risquent de peiner devant la relative difficulté de plusieurs courses. Néanmoins, tout est une question de dosage, de retenue et passé un petit moment, vous devriez bien mieux vous en sortir. Voici donc un très bon jeu qui malgré des défauts (de gameplay notamment) parvient sans mal à nous amuser grâce à un mode Carrière bien pensé, des challenges variés et une bonne durée de vie.
JeuxActu (Oct 19, 2004)
Malgré une réalisation technique en-deça des autres moutures (PC et Xbox), Toca Race Driver 2 reste néanmoins un bon jeu de courses sur PS2. Si vous voulez vous changer des tôles froissées de Burnout 3 : Takedown et que vous préférez incarner un jeune pilote plein d’avenir, capable de conduire n’importe quoi, ce jeu est fait pour vous. Quant au multijoueur, il est agréable malgré quelques ralentissements et promet de longues heures de fun.
Although track repetitiveness can be a problem, it's one of the best all-around racers you're going to find, and teaches players some easy-to-learn lessons about car physics. If there's a third installment, bring back the series' personality will undoubtedly move it back to the top.
70 (Dec 01, 2004)
If there are only seven basic types of joke, and if the whole of literary fiction can be summed up in a handful of basic plots, then the number of basic types of videogame must be slim indeed. If you've ever played a generic first-person shooter or jumped wearily over identikit enemies while collecting gold coins, this won't come as any surprise. But genres don't come any more hackneyed than the racing game. Hold down the accelerator button, move left and right a bit, try not to hit stuff. It's been that way ever since Pole Position.