Written by  :  MAT (180910)
Written on  :  Aug 17, 2004
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Not bad, not bad at all

The Good

Well, the box did have USB headset icon and those were included, and I cannot explain how much I wanted to check that in action, hence ended up buying this game. Never before have I played any Tom Clancy's team-based tactic shooter, closest match was Splinter Cell. So, impatient as I could ever be, I ran the campaign mode and put the headset on. It was only half an hour later that I figured I'm yelling at my tv for no apparent reason as none of my soldiers listened to me properly. When I yelled attack they understood defend, when I ordered recon, the game quicksaved me, and I've been experimenting with various length and depth of my speech. Alas, to no avail, the only thin that was more or less working was when I asked for help. Still, the headset was a nice addition, and I am looking forward to trying Rainbow Six 3 and especially Life-Line. The latter only being only voice-activated game has got to be awesome. I mean, I sure am looking forward with a lively conversation with some girl Konami brought to life :)

Jungle Storm is third add-on for Ghost Recon game, but since Ubisoft never brought second one to PlayStation 2 platform, they embedded it as a part of this game package, so there are two actual campaigns (aside from plentiful training missions), Island Thunder and Jungle Storm. The graphic in the game is quite good, and there is especially great feeling to see small pre-rendered cinematic after every accomplished mission (oh, the good ol' C&C times), even though some don't look much better than actual ingame graphics. Controls are well done and fit quite nicely to PS2 controller, don't let you wish for mouse at hand. From zooming, aiming, and giving orders, it's all really well done and easy to master. I gotta admit that I was scared how I'll be able to control a squad of six soldiers, but it soon became an aid rather than a drawback, especially since they got soldiers before I spot most of them. The levels are varying from crawling the deep dense jungles and running through the mountain canyons, to full scale city siege and attack on enemy airfields, and they take place both during daytime and nighttime, with sun or clouds, storm or heavy rain.

Probably one of the finest thing about this game is its split-screen two player game mode. Not only can you play various types of deathmatches and what all not that I'm not particularly interested about, but you can play single player campaign missions with your friend in a split-screen mode, and it's da blast! When in split-screen mode, each player controls one man only (ah, finally don't need to care about the rest) and two of you can quite easily get together to catch the enemy in a crossfire and what all not. It's something all FPS games should have (and a thing I was so hoping C&C Renegade would have, as foretold).

The Bad

Ubisoft does squeeze the best out of consoles, but also don't mind if games starts drag a bit if it can't handle certain effects (*cough* whenever encountering fire in Splinter Cell *cough*), or far visible distance. Okay, it wasn't any more than regular in this game, but some things did look kinda old. If I weren't such a nostalgic fella I'd probably be heavily bothered whenever seeing distant soldier hopping half a screen due to the distance (of course, you can notice this mostly through the sniper scope). Also, the music is really good, but it feels like one tune is looped all the time, and just switches to another during shootout and then returns back to original one. Maybe I didn't pay enough attention, but seemed not too versatile. Not that it was needed, because ambient was really set high for every level.

The Bottom Line

Jungle Storm is third add-on for Ghost Recon (only available for PS2 afaik), and it tags Island Thunder chapter along. each scenario giving you three levels of difficulty and 8 missions in total. You can give verbal commands to your soldiers, or play each of the missions in split-screen two player mode (note that you can only play those missions you at least reached in campaign mode). The levels vary and you may appreciate that they span variety quite vividly, and missions vary from destroying enemy targets to rescuing operations. It still doesn't feel like an entirely new game, but for what it stands (an add-on), it's one of the better, imho.