Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Main Title
Main Menu
Opening cinematic of Island Thunder scenario
Opening cinematic of Jungle Storm scenario
Island Thunder scenario title
Jungle Storm scenario title
Before you get yourself into trouble, it may be good idea to check out training courses
If you select split-screen or quick mission, you'll only be able to play up to the mission you reached in campaign/scenario mode
Mission briefing is fully voice-acted
In single-player, you can switch between characters on your map screen
Using sniper to clear out the one-man patrols
When you're controlling an Alpha team member, you manually have to pinpoint movement of Brave team and vice-versa
Sometimes it's wise to send your men forward while you provide them with a sniper protection
Shooting at multiple targets, bearing casualties on both sides
In somewhat darker areas night-vision comes in handy
Shooting at the guard post (note the red arrow indicating the position of opposing fire)
You assemble your team and weapon arsenal prior to every mission
When your comrades tell you of a nearby enemy, you better believe it and heed the warning
Even when aiming hot-spot is red your soldier can still miss if he's not skilled enough (you earn upgrading stars after each mission, though)
Enemy soldier patrolling the shipyard, not aware of being your immediate prey
It's important to count on your second team, 'cos when you get enemy in a cross fire there's no help for them
Sniper versus sniper, only he's not looking at you
When you get shot the picture becomes blur for a moment and you lose the ability to move quickly, and in most cases start gasping (if you play with wounded soldier the next mission, he will not have t
Two players split screen offers several different co-op modes including campaign missions (each player controls one soldier, not a team)
In split screen mode each player has only one soldier so choose equipment carefully
Two player split screen mode in action (note how night-vision is stretched now)
In split-screen co-op mode only two characters can be seen on the map (each player can look at the map thus pausing the other, but not the enemy)
Player 1 (upper screen) is watching an enemy soldier through the sniper, while player 2 (lower screen) is using machine gun to mow him down from the right flank
Note how enemies run for cover or lay down when shot at
Yikes, player 2 is reloading in the middle of the battle, and player 1 can see where the firing's taking place indicated by red arrow