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TransWorld SURF (PlayStation 2)

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Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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5 point score based on user ratings.

TransWorld SURF Credits

Atari Credits

SVP Label HeadJean-Philippe Agati
VP Product DevelopmentSteven Ackrich
Director Product DevelopmentChris Downend
Brand ManagerSerene Chan
ProducersDorian Richard, Aron Drayer
Assistant ProducerBrian Turner
Art DirectorAngus Wilson
VP MarketingSteven M. Allison
Director Product MarketingLaddie Ervin
Director of Editorial & Documentation ServicesElizabeth Mackney
Publications ManagerWilliam Robinson
Documentation SpecialistChristopher Dawley
Director New Business DevelopmentTim Campbell
Music Licensing ConsultantMaissa Dauriac
Sr Manager of Strategic RelationsMichael H. Gilmartin
Lead TesterKingsley C. Sur
Assistant Lead TesterPepe Jauregui
TestersScott M. Springer, Carl Vogel, Robert MacRae, Marshall Clevesy, Adrian Morales, Cherilyn Rocha, Andrew LeMat
QA SupervisorsJeffrey L. Loney, Donald T. Clay, Ezequiel Nunez
ThanksYves Blehaut, Sara Borthwick, Jean Claude, Boursiquot, Gerald Burns, Kathy Butters, Sarah Buxton, Steve Cavazos, David Costello, Matt Frary, David Gaines, Lorraine Garcia, Cecilia Munoz, Micah Jackson, Kristine Keever, Ann E. Kronen, Lisette Laboy, Yves Legris, Steve T. Madsen, Greg Marquez, Shawn Monroe, Jon Nelson, Alyssa Walles, Kyle Peschel, Bill Robinson, Travis Stansbury, Patricia Swanson, Cathy Tische, Wiebke Vallentin, Susan Young, and all the pros and their sponsors
Special Thanks to TransWorld MediaErica May, Fran Richards, Joel Patterson, Chris Cote, Marc Hostetter, Aaron Checkwood, Andre Aganza, Liam Ferguson, Jody Schmauss, Jason Young, Lee Crane, Sean Kinnear, Tim Wrisley, Andy Clurman, Pete Taras, Stacey Perry, Stacey Swift

Angel Credits

Producer Luis Gigliotti
Technical DirectorSteve Rotenberg
Lead DesignerDaryl Kimoto
Lead ArtistJosh Bass
Lead ProgrammerDon Goddard
ProgrammerRyan Camoras, Darren Chisum, Alexander Ehrath, Ryan Higa, Will Hutchinson, Brad Hunt, Scott Vye
Sound ProgrammerPaul Foster
Art DirectorRon Lemen
3D ArtistRyan Broley, David Tully, Deanna Lorenz
2D/3D ArtistCarlos Hernandez
AnimatorJun-Wuk Choi
UI and Video DesignerMarshall Ross
Game Analyst/Production AssistantChris Kagel
Sound DesignerPaul Lackey
Additional Programming SupportSantiago Becerra, Gabriel Valencia, Tim Laubach, Todd Meynick, Justin Lloyd, Samuel Buss, Ted Carson, Nathan Carlin, David Etherton, Devan Hammack
Additional Art SupportJoseph Pileski, Steven Olds, Kirk Boornazian, Bonnie Bright, Daren Bader, Eli Enigenburg
TesterTravis Chen, David Stinchcomb, Jase Wilkinson, Mark Loperfido
Director of Game DesignFrédéric Markus
Director of Product DevelopmentClinton Keith
In‑Game AnnouncerGreg Tomlinson
Special ThanksDiego Angel, Michael Limber, Robert Bacon, Julie Liss, Kristen Sinclair, Jo Kilburn, Jennifer Sole, Shannon Haynes, Alan Wasserman, David Counts, Michael Mattes, Pan Oakley, Kailani Keliinoi, Derek Wood, Olaf Reinhold, and everyone else here at Angel Studios, TransWorld Media, all the pro surfers that helped out tremendously, all the sponsors and all the friends and family that supported the team throughout the making of this game.

Black Sun Credits

Licensing and Marketing ConsultantLisa Hudson
Executive Producer and DesignerJack Rebbetoy
Thanks:Reef and The Reef Girls:, Amanda Cases, Breanna Leigh, Jolene Reish, Stacie Morrissette
Special Thanks for all the help from:Jon Cattivera, Joe Clements, Chad DiNenna, Paul Gomez, Lyndsey Roach, Jay Twitty, Troy Eckert, Enich Harris, Brandon Lillard, Herbie Fletcher, Heather Benson, Tim McCaig, Taylor Steele, Sam Yago, Joe Guglielmino, Joe Hudson, Pam Zamoscianyk, Gus Buckner, Kevin Flannigan, Bill Ballard, Ryan Rhea, Todd Messick, Leah Butler, Dave Clark, Alistair Craft, Josh Pomer, Josh Williams, Mike Reola, Justin Hostynek, Andy Fonenko, Adam Jacoby, Vance Burrow, Kristin Begle, Jason Rens, Marvin Plummer, Vipe Desai, Laura Abrahamson, Andrew Rebbetoy, Mark D, and all the surfers in the game

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Credits for this game were contributed by Darren Chisum (128)