Twisted Metal: Head-On (Extra Twisted Edition) (PlayStation 2)

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Twisted Metal: Head-On (Extra Twisted Edition) Credits

Eat Sleep Play™ Inc. - Twisted Metal™: Head-On

Executive ProducerScott Campbell
Game DesignScott Campbell, Mike Snow
DirectorScott Campbell
Technical DirectorRandy Zorko
ProducerDrew Bradford
Software EngineersKonrad Behrens, Steve Poulson, Jess Walker, Jeff Limback, Michael Bartholomew, Scott Edwards
Shell Art DirectorMichael Jackson
3D Graphic ArtistsDavid Hilden (Lead), Jenn Fortin, Daniel R. Green, Karl Loveridge, Ben Ridge
AnimationDavid Hilden (Lead), Jenn Fortin, Daniel R. Green, Karl Loveridge, Ben Ridge
QA LeadMike Snow
Production ArtistsOwen Richardson, Steven Alexander James
System Engine SupportPierre Dufresne
Studio Operations DirectorAngelic Quintana
Quality AnalystsCarlos Navarro, Jake Campbell, Nicholas Smith, Aaron Sims
Ancillary SupportAdam Jensen

Twisted Metal: Lost™

Game Design LeadDavid Jaffe
Game DirectorDavid Jaffe
Additional SupportDonald Yatomi, Chad Liddell, Kevin Pulley, Corey Kruitbosch, Miles Woods, Kurt Quackenbush
Special ThanksSpouses/Significant Others and families of the development team.

Twisted Metal Documentary

Manager Video ServicesDon Lacy
Video Services Production SupervisorJahil Nelson
ProducerScott Sorensen
Senior EditorJoey Castanieto
EditorSteven Gerhardt
Motion GraphicsJared Gray
Director of PhotographyIan O'Roarty
CameramanKevin Joelson
SoundmanRyan Mudd
CoordinatorsDana Walden, Alicia Powers
Video TechRon Llano
Audio CoordinatorKathryn Tunis
Audio Post Production ManagerMichael Johnson
Audio Post ProductionDerrick Espino, Jeff Darby
Music SupervisionJonathan Mayer, Marc Senasac, Monty Mudd
Special ThanksTMBownz, Cyclopersaurus, Hellbent, Maartyrr

SCEA Santa Monica Studios

Executive ProducerShannon Studstill
Senior ProducerEric Koch
Associate ProducerChad Cox
Director, Product DevelopmentAllan Becker
Senior Vice President, Product Development, SCEA, part of SCE Worldwide StudiosShuhei Yoshida

PD Service Groups

Senior Director of Tools, Technology and ServicesBuzz Burrowes
Director of Services GroupDavid Murrant


Director of MusicChuck Doud
Senior Music SupervisorClint Bajakian
Music SupervisorJonathan Mayer
Associate Music SupervisorJoel Yarger
Music Production AssociateErnest Johnson
Manager, Music and LicensingJason Swan
Sr. Music Licensing CoordinatorJustin Fields
Associate Music ProducerTammy Tsuyuki
"I've Got a Sweet Tooth"JD Mayer (Written by/drums - guitar), BZ Lewis (Performed by/guitar - bass), Joel Yarger (Recorded and mixed by), Marc Senasac (Recorded and mixed by), Michael Bricker (Assistant Engineer)
"None More Black"JD Mayer (Written by/Recorded and mixed by), Matt Levine (Performed by/guitar), Joel Yarger (Recorded and mixed by)
Original Music CompositionScorpio Sound
Original In-Game Music ByThe Swivelheads, Big Idea Music Productions Inc., Game Audio Ltd., Lukas Burton, Inon Zur
Additional In-Game Music "Disaster Proof"Artist: Level, Album: Level, Ed Faris (Writer), Bobby Reeves (Writer), Publishing: Via Marina Music and Z Muzic [BMI], Courtesy of Riptide Music and Z Muzic

Sound Design

Senior Manager, Sound GroupGene Semel
Sound Design ManagerPhillip A. Kovats
Lead Sound DesignerKurt Kellenberger
Additional SoundBrad Aldredge, Paul M. Fox
Dialog ManagerGreg DeBeer
Senior Dialog CoordinatorJacquie Shriver
Cinematic Audio Post ProductionMark Reis, Tristan des PrĂ©s
Voice Over Production / CastingTechnicolor Sound Services - New Media
Voice ActorsDavid Boat, Quinton Flynn, Nika Futterman, Jessica Gee, Kim Mai Guest, Adam Leadbeater, Peter Lurie, Scott MacDonald, Joel McCrary, Tara Strong, Fred Tatasciore, Brett Walter, Dave Wittenberg


Senior Manager, Multimedia GroupGary Barth
Senior EditorSean Thomas
Associate ProducerCorrine Lucas
Video Production SpecialistRyan MacPhee


Senior Manager, VASGBrian Rausch
Manager of ProductionScott Peterson
Cinematic Creative LeadJeffrey D. Vargas
Cinematic Lead DesignerRon Padua
Cinematic EditorDon Lacy
Cinematic CompositorDevin Olden
Cinematic CG SupervisorGreg Jung
Cinematic CG AssistantJanelle Pitchford
Cinematic ArtistsBill Johnston, Hock Hian Wong, Jung-Yoon Choi, Salvador Arditti, Christian Vagnati, George Castro, Alan O'Brien, Josh Peay, Ryan Odagawa, Matt Morgan, Lucas Graciano, Sean Galloway, Anthony Washington, Marcelo Dos Santos, Long Phan, Hong Suck Suh, Jon Meyers
Shaded Box TeamJoey Jones, Mike Frantum, Wira Winata, Jason Du
Senior Department AssistantNonet Vargas, Monique Williamson

PD Services Group Support

Project ManagerDavina Mackey
Production AccountantLaura Conners
Senior AdministratorKathryn Tunis

SCEA Product Development, Services Group

Sr. Director, Global PlatformCharles Connoy
Director, First Party Quality Assurance (FPQA)Ritchard Markelz

Test Operations

QA Test ManagerTim Vanlaw
QA Test SupervisorCruz Garcia
Lead Quality Assurance TesterShaun Penney
Quality Assurance TestersTravis Heffernan, Brian Del Carmen
Lab TechnicianVince Loughney
Contingent Game Test AnalystsJason Greeson, Chris Lewis, Collin McKusick, Curtis Taylor, Jefferry Russell, Edward Engel

Program Management Group

Sr. ManagerJim Wallace
Manager, Project ManagementEric Ippolito
Sr. Project CoordinatorJustin Flores
Project CoordinatorBrent Gocke
Director, Product Development Information Technology (PDIT)Adam Harris

Online Games

Sr. Manager, Online GamesMonique Fraser

Network Engineering Group

Sr. Manager, Network EngineeringDerrell Jenkins

Studio Applications

Sr. ManagerSteven Kirk

Core Systems Infrastructure

Sr. ManagerTom Perrine

SCEA Marketing

Senior Vice President, Marketing & PlayStation NetworkPeter Dille
Vice President, Product MarketingScott Steinberg
Director, Software MarketingJeff Reese
Product Marketing ManagerMark Valledor
Associate Product Marketing ManagerChuck Lacson
Product Marketing SpecialistVerna Hsu

SCEA Legal

Director, Legal & Business AffairsLisa Lunger
ParalegalSuzanne Williams
Music Business AffairsBrian Fukuji, Mary Nappi
Special ThanksKaz Hirai, Jack Tretton, Jim Bass, Glenn Nash, Steve Ross, Riley R. Russell III, Peter Dille, Phil Rosenberg, Shuhei Yoshida, Phil Harrison

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