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DarkZero (Oct 21, 2004)
It's not very often we get these quirky off the wall Japanese titles released this side of the world for the simple reason that the companies don't think they would suit the market. In most cases they are right as some Japanese games are far too "left-field" for some of us to grasp. Although Under The Skin is not the best that this eccentric market has to offer it is still a very interesting and imaginative game. If you've never experienced the madcap humour of some of the Japanese titles before, Under The Skin is a very good place to start. If you are looking for something a little bit different that is a little "out there" Under The Skin is certainly worth a go, or at least a rental!
Gaming Target (Nov 08, 2004)
People pull pranks, and they like it. Maybe even love it at times. Yes, it's silly. Yes, it's embarrassing, even dangerously so. But this doesn't stop the evil portion of our conscious from appearing on our shoulder in the form of a miniature Satan and telling us to do it. Some people just have that habit of watching a friend or sibling's reaction to whipped cream smothering their face, or even more sneaky, no eyebrows. These examples of course are just common jokes, typically known to many as they're inherited throughout generations to unsuspecting culprits.
AceGamez (Oct 29, 2004)
Under The Skin is addictive. Sure, it can get repetitive, but then again, with only a few maps to play on, this isn't a problem. Unfortunately the game suffers from lack of content, which is a crying shame; if it was longer or had more modes then I would have been over the moon. But as it is, it feels like a generous demo. However, its fantastic graphics, quirky tunes and addictive gameplay really do warrant a rental and if you feel like you could come back to it in the future then it might be worth a purchase. I am definitely looking forward to a longer sequel!
GameSpot (Oct 11, 2004)
Under the Skin is built mostly on novelty, but all its quirky pieces don't really add up to a particularly compelling title. Along with zombies, ninjas, Nazis, and robots, alien invaders are one of the more perfect archetypal video game foils--they're aggressive, they're plentiful, and they're easy for everyone to want to hate. Under the Skin turns the tables on you, putting you in the role of an antagonistic alien named Cosmi who has arrived on Earth, not so much in search of world domination or to kill all humans, but just to really annoy everyone.
GameCell UK (Oct 07, 2004)
The game is retailing at £29.99, which is nice to see, but I can't stop myself from feeling that Under the Skin could almost be a mini-game from another, more ambitious game. If it was retailing at £19.99 then it would be much more appealing, but then it might suffer the curse of the budget game whereby people might think it’s cheap because it’s not very good. This isn't the case as it’s a fine title that is enjoyable to play and will genuinely make you laugh – it’s just rather small and in my opinion not quite worth the asking price. Definitely worth hunting down when it’s cheaper though.
Gameplanet (Dec 01, 2004)
Gameplanet is glad Capcom has chosen to release the game in New Zealand. The look and style is something not normally seen in the West, possibly not since early PlayStation 2 days, but it is a game that will certainly reward those who give it enough of a chance. Both the single-player and multiplayer aspects hold well together and provide some tough, exciting gaming that bears up reasonably well after repeated play. For those with an open mind, or an old-school sensibility, Under the Skin is recommended, but we suspect the masses, looking for something with a little more depth or bang for buck, sadly it may not find enough of it here.
Jeuxvideo.com (Oct 22, 2004)
Capcom aurait pu créer la surprise avec Under the Skin. Mais l'originalité du concept et l'humour omniprésent ne suffisent pas à compenser le manque d'intérêt du jeu sur le long terme et ses faiblesses de gameplay. A découvrir en tout cas si vous appréciez les titres audacieux qui ne se prennent pas au sérieux.
IGN (Oct 12, 2004)
Cosmi is a little mischief alien who winds up on the barbaric world of Earth (and you thought we were enlightened). If he can cause sufficient amounts of panic without being discovered and dissected, he'll be able to return to his home planet a hero. That's the gist of Under the Skin, from the same company that created Viewtiful Joe. Unfortunately for us, lighting isn't striking twice.
Fragland.net (Nov 06, 2004)
It took me about thirty minutes to figure out how things work after which I kept playing three or four hours. I did play a couple of times again but I guess you won't get more than six hours out of it and then I am being optimistic. I do love the original, creative and funny concept and I was definitely satisfied with the quality of the sound and graphics. All that makes it twice the shame that the gameplay hasn't got any dept at all so it becomes an ideal rental title. If you like to have a collection of games on your shelf just like I do, my advice is not to pay more than about twenty euro's.
This just in, from the department of All Style and No Substance: Under the Skin, a "wacky" and "inventive" new cel-shaded title from Capcom. While there are probably a few whimsy fanatics that are going to convince themselves that is more than a simple minigame stretched over a bunch of levels, I really couldn't be bothered.
Gaming Age (Oct 20, 2004)
The problem with Under the Skin lies in the fact that no matter how far you advance in the game you'll still be doing generally the same thing over and over. Once you've seen the different methods of freaking out the populace, that's all there is to see. Enjoying the gameplay depends on enjoying the same terrified reactions of the same pedestrians. Nothing about it really moves along into new territory. The challenges are only new in that they become harder because of having to do more of the same in less time. Making people drop their money by being rude is fun, no doubt, but not forever.
GameSpy (Oct 14, 2004)
A few weeks back, we dove into a preview of Capcom's Under The Skin, an arcade party game that casts you in the role of a bouncing blue alien. The gist of our first playtests was, this game could be pretty cool, as long as it gets a bit beyond the basic premise of taking human disguises to play pranks and collect coins. Well, either our expectations were too high or Under The Skin is a serious underachiever, because this is one limited little game.
1UP (Oct 13, 2004)
As someone with a taste for "quirky" games that don't necessarily interest the public at large, I've always wondered why some people seem so turned off by anything with an unrealistic graphical style or unorthodox gameplay. It's easy to see how this might happen, though, if hardcore types keep recommending games with little to offer but their own wackiness -- games like Under the Skin.
4Players.de (Nov 01, 2004)
Von der Hoffnung, dass das Team hinter Viewtiful Joe hier einen weiteren Hit-Kandidaten abliefert, kann man sich bei Under the Skin schnell verabschieden. So witzig, wie sich die Jagd nach Gold (wieso eigentlich ausgerechnet Gold?) anfänglich mit den gut gelungenen Streichen präsentiert, so schnell geht die Motivation in den Keller. Abgesehen von wechselnden Zeitlimits und Goldanforderungen ändert sich rein gar nichts – egal, für welchen Level man sich entscheidet. Und auch an den per Zufall ausgewählten Streichen hat man sich schnell satt gesehen.. Selbst Spieler, die eine gewisse Japanospiel-Affinität haben und sich auf Dreamcast seinerzeit mit dem Tokyo Bus Driver vergnügten, werden wenig Gefallen an Under the Skin haben. Da hilft es auch nicht mehr, dass der an Jet Set Radio angelehnte Grafikstil durchaus einiges her macht. Sorry Capcom, das war nix!
UOL Jogos (Nov 01, 2004)
Cada uma das fases - uma delas inspirada em "Resident Evil" - oferece um objetivo um pouco diferente na coleção de moedas, mas além de um tema visual diferente, as diferenças são muito pouco perceptíveis. "Under the Skin" eventualmente libera algumas modalidades multiplayer, mas a falta de variedade, somada à simplicidade exagerada e jogabilidade caótica acabam matando o jogo. Se você tiver de escolher entre as travessuras de Cosmi e uma gostosura é melhor fica com o doce.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Oct 18, 2004)
For a company with more than 30 Megaman games under its belt, a similar number of Street Fighter titles and a host of franchises that stretch to several sequels and spin-offs, Capcom's output of late has been surprising varied. Perhaps the company's just in search of some new fodder to help guide it through the next decade. Perhaps someone high up is sick of games with 2004 on the end. Whatever; some of the results have been a far cry from what we've come to expect. Indeed, while Devil May Cry etc. pay the bills, games like Viewtiful Joe, Gregory Horror Show and Under The Skin are busy standing in front of an audience of wilting D-pad junkies, trussed up like some sort of dyslexic inverse TJ Mackey and screaming "RESPECT THE CULT!"
Gamezine (Nov 07, 2004)
Hé ben dis donc, il me semble vraiment pas mauvais ce jeu, et je suis sûr que je vous ai donné envie d’y jouer, surtout qu’il s’avère très rafraîchissant et original. Hélas, je vous le déconseille. Tout d’abord, Cosmi est une vraie plaie, et s »’avère être très limité dans ses mouvements, même sous une autre apparence. C’est vraiment dommage, car ce titre aurait pu figurer au panthéon des jeux novateurs. Au lieu de ça, on s’ennuie très vite à répéter toujours les mêmes actions. Seul le mode deux jours s’avère être un tant soit peu intéressant, car le mode solo se finira en deux petites heures (sic). Ca fait mal au porte-feuille. Pour que ce dernier ne fasse pas la gueule, un bon conseil : n’achetez pas ce jeu, et économiser pour des titres vraiment intéressants (il y en a assez), ce qui est loin d’être le cas de Under the Skin.
Game Revolution (Oct 13, 2004)
Under the Skin would be better suited as a free online Flash game than something sold at retail. It fails to live up to its odd premise and relies too heavily on being offbeat, ultimately turning into more of a cute diversion than a full-fledged game. Under the Skin proves that we are not alone, but maybe we'd be better off if we were.
Netjak (Jun 24, 2005)
Personally, I think the phrase “unmitigated disaster” isn’t used often enough in video game reviews. Sure, we all have things we’d like to nit-pick about, but in many cases we can find something of redeeming value in a video game. It’s just not very often that we can justify saying that a game has no merit at all. I’m talking about a game so terrible, it would make a drink taste foul if the game disc was used as a coaster. Well, if you want to know of such a game, look no further: Under The Skin is that horrendous mistake you’ve been looking for.