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Unreal Tournament (PlayStation 2)

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Unreal Tournament Credits

For Epic/Digital Extremes

ProgrammingErik de Neve, Steven Polge, Jack Porter, Brandon Reinhart, Andrew Scheidecker, Tim Sweeney, Carlo Vogelsang
Art & ModelsShane Caudle, James Edwards, Pancho Eekels, Steve Garofalo, Mike Leatham, John Mueller, Everton Richards, Dan Sarkar, James Schmalz
Level DesignCliff Bleszinski, T. Elliot Cannon, Shane Caudle, Richard Eastwood, Pancho Eekels, David Ewing, Sidney Rauchberger, Cedric Fiorentino, Warren Marshall, Alan Willard
Music & SoundAlexander Brandon, Sascha Dikiciyan, David Ewing, Lani Minella, Shannon Newans, Michiel van den Bos
BizMark A. Rein, Jay Wilbur

For Infogrames North America

ProducerMatthew J. Powers
Associate ProducerTim Hesse

For Infogrames Europe

VP Infogrames MotionOlivier Goulay
Production DirectorEric Labelle
Production Manager - Infogrames Motion (Europe)Ivan Davies
ProducerJay Sharples
VP Marketing (Europe)Larry Sparks
Director Of Marketing - Infogrames MotionMonique Crusot
Marketing Manager - Infogrames MotionCindy Church
Product Manager - The Unreal Brand (Europe)Richard Iggo
Head Of Communications - Infogrames MotionMatthew Broughton
Communications Assistant - Infogrames MotionLynn Daniel
Q.A. ManagerOlivier Robin
Console Debugging SupervisorStéphane Pradier, Bruno Trubia
Console Debugging Co-ordinatorJulien Amougou
Debugging Team LeaderAnthony Macaré
Debugging TeamAbdenour Bachir, Hakim Belayati, Philippe Duhem, Julien Fontana, François-Xavier Martin, Emmanuel Moiroux, Anthony Soulier, Philippe Trignat
Localisation Testing SupervisorVincent Laloy
Localisation Testing Co-ordinatorMerche Sanchez Garcia
Localisation TestersLaura Erena Vicente, Eugenia Veronese, Cécilia Jard, Hania Helmchen
LocalisationMaud Favier, Heidi Pugniet Boeck
Design StudioRose-May Mathon, Sylvie Combet
Package ArtworkDuncan Slater, Claire Cordon, Laura Florence
Special Thanks ToRebecka Pernered, Florence Rigaut, Paul Benjamin, Bart Hufen, Judi Spiers, Franz Mittermayer, Chris Johnson, Emmanuelle Tahmazian, Jemell Sparks, Barbara Gleason, Meridith Braun, Steven M. Allison
Very Special Thanks ToAnne Roy, Mathieu Piau

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rascal (2152)