Vampire Night Credits (PlayStation 2)

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Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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5 point score based on user ratings.

Vampire Night Credits


Published byNamco Hometek Inc.
Developed and Designed byNamco Limited, SEGA, WOW Entertainment
Project SupervisorYasuhiro Noguchi
Localization SpecialistNao Higo
Project SupportNoriko Wada, Jonathan Kromrey
Senior Marketing ManagerStacey Hirata
Assistant Marketing ManagerYoshi Niki
Public Relations ManagerHugo Reyes
Quality Assurance ManagerBrian Schorr
Product CoordinatorJames Guirao
Lead AnalystMichael Peterson
TestersDaryle Tumacder, Ryan Chennault, Mike Yim, Ben Pascua, Glen Seward, Timothy Johns
Manual DesignIno Communications Inc.
Special ThanksYoshinori Homma, Jesse Taylor, Berry Kane, Garry Cole, Robert Ennis, Jennifer Tersigni, Masanori Kato, Shuichiro Miyoshi, Lindsay Gray

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Credits for this game were contributed by MegamanX64 (16085)