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Sega of America Website:

    Kick your adrenaline into high gear as you waste opponents with your brutal Judo and Kick Boxing mastery. Sega's best selling 3D fighting series has evolved into a freight train of hardcore martial arts maneuvers featuring fifteen competitors, some of whom can switch up their fighting style mid-fight. The new characters vying for a shot at winning the Worldwide Martial Arts Championship II Tournament are a trained assassin named Goh and Brad, an Italian Muay Thai champion Kick Boxer. They've joined the elite team to kick some serious butt on gorgeous new stages amidst snow, rain, sand, and beyond. There are over 1,500 options for customizing your characters' clothing and hairstyle, etc., so dress them up and watch them whittle through the competition. Once you make a name for yourself through a series of simulated arcade tournaments in the brand new Quest Mode, you'll qualify for the biggest fight of your career and show the world what you're really made of.

    • All 15 characters (two new) have their own brand of whoop ass with unique attacks, counters, and defense moves.
    • Newly optimized graphics for the PlayStation 2 eliminate jaggies and shimmer.
    • New Quest Mode - hurl the hurt through several tournaments to become the world champion.
    • Twice as many character customizing options as before.
    • The aggressive A.I. opponents are modeled after the top players from the arcades of Japan.

    Contributed by Kartanym (12783) on Mar 15, 2006.

Back of Case:

    A New Challenger Comes

    Do you have what it takes to be the Champion?

    Go toe-to-toe with some of the greatest Virtua Fighter gamers in the world. The entire city stands before you in your quest to become the number one Virtua Fighter and emerge victorious.

  • 15 selectable characters all with new moves including two new original characters.

  • Improved graphics - high-polygon character models, exquisite details, and reworked stages.

  • Over 1500 accessory items - customize the characters to alter clothing, hairstyles, and more!

  • Battle against opponents modeled after real-life Virtua Figther arcade champions.

    Sequel to "The Best Fighting Game Ever Made"
    Official PlayStation Magazine

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69437) on Sep 18, 2003.