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GameSpot (Jul 16, 2001)
Graphical issues notwithstanding, WarJetz is a fun two-player battle game with a decent single-player campaign. DVD-spooled mission updates, a peppy soundtrack, and hilarious play-by-play commentary also add a bit of polish to an otherwise tarnished experience. Much like Army Men: Air Attack 2, 3DO's other PS2 air combat game, WarJetz is a passable product that had the potential to be a lot better.
Gamezilla (Jul 31, 2001)
WarJetz may be best described as an attempt to send a game out the door with as little effort as possible. With marginal graphics, audio and gameplay, you’ll quickly find yourself bored and looking for something else. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of days before you’ll have this one shelved along with a sense that fifty “bux” were wasted. As far as renting however, it definitely has potential here, but I’d be cautious before purchasing.
With WarJetz, 3DO continues its tradition of games where everything must be destroyed. This game ultimately proves more frustrating than BattleTanx due to the inability of aircraft to remain stationary while shooting at required targets. Thus, it's even less fun – if you can believe that.
Graphically, this won’t blow any minds. In fact, when compared to LucasArts’ similarly-themed Star Wars: Starfighter, WarJetz looks like an N64 game in high-resolution. However, the explosion effects are cool, and there is always a little bit of childish satisfaction to be derived from seeing buildings blown up in spectacular fashion. Outside of that, there are few things about WarJetz that really stand out. The degree to which enemies can blast you with uncanny accuracy is a bit frustrating, and the barrel roll is the silliest thing I’ve seen a developer do in a while. Does BattleTanx with airplanes sound like a great idea to you? It does? Well, bless your heart. You’ll be flying solo on this mission, Maverick.
Gaming Target (Jul 17, 2001)
WarJetz is your typical “blow s—t up” game in pretty much every way. It’s not horrible, but it’s incredibly forgettable and bland. It might appeal to those who love to use airplanes for destruction (in video games of course), and the hardest of the hardcore vehicular combat fans, but for most it’s a decent rental title for a weekend with a friend, using the much more interesting multiplayer modes. There are a lot of creative ideas in place here, but they aren’t important enough to save WarJetz from being mediocre. Patient players may enjoy the length and assorted objectives, and for others it might be good for quick mindless fun, but most will find that there isn’t much life to this game beyond the first few plays. Maybe there should be a Thunder Tanks vs. WarJetz sequel and then 3DO can finally do it right…Maybe.
For a single player, the bombing mode is perhaps the most fun, since it takes some skill and works best with the pace of the game. Modes like Cash Frenzy and Capture the Flag are nothing special. Maneuvering through the levels and blowing up random objects is probably the most enjoyable activity in the game, since nearly all of the objects are destructible -- but even senseless destruction becomes tiresome for all but the most angst-filled gamers. If you are desperate for a shoot-'em-up flying game for the PlayStation 2, WarJetz should satisfy. Action fans seeking more realism will have more fun with Ace Combat 4 or even Sky Odyssey.
Spelets största brist är nämligen att det saknar djup. En av orsakerna till detta är att kontrollen inte bjuder på några större utmaningar, och när man väl har lärt sig hur fordonen fungerar återstår bara att skjuta och spränga. Eftersom spelet även i övrigt är högst medelmåttigt tycker jag att ni ska tänka er för innan ni köper det.
Jeuxvideo.com (Jul 02, 2001)
Un point de plus pour cette version PS2 qui bénéficie tout de même d'une jouabilité à peu près convenable. Mais on cherche toujours vainement un intérêt à cette série des WDL qui n'a finalement pas grand-chose pour s'attirer les faveurs du public.
Game Revolution (Jul, 2001)
But none of that makes up for Warjetz's long list of shortcomings. This marks yet another disappointment from 3DO, and it sure ain't worth fifty clams.
Gamekult (Jul 24, 2001)
Du tir sur cibles au sol ou sur adversaires sans âme, le tout dans un environnement graphique brouillon et pas spécialement bien pensé : voilà tout ce qu'offre Warjetz. Le gameplay d'un autre âge a du mal à passer, et plus encore le mode multijoueurs illisible qui seul aurait pu, mieux réalisé, sauver le jeu du crash. Raté.