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Thunderbolt Games (Apr 07, 2004)
World Championship Rugby has really taken me by surprise. I thought that it would be just another sports title with a license attached for authenticity, but it’s turned out to be quite a game. It’s easy to get in and accessible to those who aren’t dedicated rugby fans, with a simple yet effective control scheme and a selection of useful visual aids. There’s plenty of depth once you get into the game and its challenging and rewarding gameplay will keep you coming back for more. I doubt that it will be a blockbuster selling hundreds of thousands of copies, but for the fans of the genre it’s going to bring a lot of enjoyment and that’s something the developers should be proud of. After all, who can possibly resist the chance of beating the Aussies in the World Cup on their own turf over and over again?
Console Obsession (Jun 03, 2010)
World Championship Rugby is a mostly successful attempt at a videogame semblance of the sport, nicely pitched with very few problems. Those bemused by the rules of the sport will be taken kindly to the game and it’s all accessible enough that the rules of Rugby will never seem clearer to you, whilst hardcore fans will similarly lap it up. Simply put, it’s a delight for both the fervent and casual fan and shouldn’t be missed by either.
78 (May 22, 2004)
This game may not have the best graphics, nor the best sound. Hell, the number of game modes is probably lacking too. What this game does have is gameplay. This is easily the most enjoyable game rugby game on a console to date.
To sum the game up, it's the Rugby version of Fifa - what EA's rugby games should be - lots of easy to pick up action, with the opportunity to play the game licensed by the England team, nothing too heavy or taxing. However, I'm still waiting for the rugby equivalent of the Pro Evo series, there has to be one, and when it comes…….get a towel!
45 (Apr 06, 2004)
Encore un titre de rugby de qualité incertaine sur des consoles nouvelles générations qui pourtant ne demandent pas mieux qu'à desservir de manière respectueuse les fans de ce sport de plus en plus médiatisé, mais dont les adaptations consoles ne valent pas forcément le détour. Manquant de concurrents sérieux dans le domaine, World Championship Rugby peut se targuer d'être un des seuls choix valable en ces jours de disette. Peu convaincant, mais amusant à plusieurs et relativement long, si tant est que le mode difficile ne vous effraie pas, vous pourrez peut-être passer de bons mais courts moments. A quand un jeu digne de ce nom ? Le cochon ferait mieux de ne pas rester trop longtemps dans le maïs.