We Love Katamari Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Opening title
Introduction: the King and Queen of all Cosmos
Main title / menu
Talk with the fans to find out what request they have for you
The katamari rolls down the street picking up stuff
Roll up all of the students in this school...
Objective completed!
Roll up some flowers as fast as you can!
The katamari rolls up stuff in a race
The katamari rolls into the town square
Objective complete; royal rainbow!
Can you roll up stuff underwater?
Underwater; don't get caught by that fish hook!
The katamari rolls through a city
The katamari is now big enough to roll up the entire city
Night time; roll up fireflies to make a bright katamari
Instead of a katamari, I'm rolling a sumo wrestler around so he will grow big
Rolling the katamari to clean up this room
Start a campfire by rolling a flaming katamari
Objective failed; the king isn't happy!
Roll up clouds so the weather will be nice tomorrow
Build a snowman by rolling a katamari in the snow
The katamari grows in size as it rolls through town
Rolling up a pile of sweets reveals a picture
This katamari is almost big enough to roll up an entire island!
The streets are typically filled with random stuff to roll up
The katamari rolls up some trees...
Can you make a katamari big enough to roll up the sun?