Whirl Tour (PlayStation 2)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Whirl Tour Credits

Papaya Studio

Executive ProducerLin Shen
Technical DirectorRoar Flølo
Art DirectorOle-Petter Rosenlund
PlayStation 2 EngineerChris Bannock
Software EngineersNiall Ryan, Laurent Horisberger
Senior ArtistRyan Blinsky
Additional ArtJhoneil Centeno

Crave Entertainment

PresidentRonald Scott
Senior Vice PresidentMark Burke
Product DevelopmentMark Burke
Senior ProducerRob Sandberg
Associate ProducerRichard Robledo
Manager of Quality AssuranceRobert Bryant
Lead QA TesterAaron Hartman
Primary QA TesterWesley Bunn
QA TeamBrian Cutts, Nam H. Kim, Mike Kurilko, Anthony Lee, Joseph Olivas, Ramiro Ramirez, Ramon Ramirez, Paul Taniguchi, Tuan Trinh
Compliance ManagerJohn Bloodworth
Marketing DirectorCraig Owens
Director of Marketing ServicesSheri Furumi Snow
Public Relations ManagerMichael Shelling
Marketing Project ManagerYumi Saiki
Marketing Production ManagerJimmy Dohner
DesignerEthan Malykont
VP, General CounselBarry Seaton
Special ThanksNima Taghavi, Michael Steuerwald, Martin Spiess, Mark Gersh, Shawn Jacoby, Chris Scaglione, Marvic Ambata, Thomas Quast, Jamie Saxon, Judy Baughman

Vivendi Universal Games

Marketing and Public RelationsAnthony Crouts, Pamela Thomas, Rozita Tolouey
Product Certification: LeadBrandon Valdez, Cyra Talton
Product Certification: TesterBenjamin Chan
Product Certification: EngineerRichard Benavides
Product Certification: ManagerRandy Linch
Product Certification: DirectorRod Shean
DesignerTyrone Rodriguez
Additional Production SupportKevin Cheng, Chris Moore, Philip Wilson
Sound Engineering and masterPCB Productions
FMV sequencesTreanor Brothers Animation

Treanor Brothers Animation

FMV sequencesMelissa Kangeter, Goose Ramirez, Kelly Kleider, Kelley Lamsens, Van Spraggins, Erik Morgansen, Tony Preciado

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Credits for this game were contributed by EboMike (3005)