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Worth Playing (Feb 07, 2006)
All accounted for, how does World Championship Poker 2 fare? In a sea of look-alike poker game clones, WCP2 stands out as the one that feels most like playing an actual game of poker against actual people, for better or worse. If you're already a diehard poker buff looking for something you can play on your child's PlayStation 2 while he's at school, WCP2 is the best choice on the market. If you're new to poker, however, then you might want to look elsewhere; World Championship Poker 2 is every bit as cautiously paced as real-life poker and gives little to no support to anyone without knowledge in the card game.
GameZone (Nov 21, 2005)
World Championship Poker 2: Featuring Howard Lederer is rated Teen for mild language and simulated gambling. It requires 80kb on your memory card. Broadband is required to play online with up to 8 people.
GameSpot (Dec 14, 2005)
But for those who do enjoy console, handheld, and PC poker, WCP 2 is simply the best there currently is. That might not sound like a ringing endorsement, considering the quality of the competition, but really, it's got the smartest offline game, a perfectly serviceable online game, and a style of presentation that, while not anything to write home about, does what it needs to to stay out of the way of your enjoyment. There's fun to be had here for the poker enthusiast, and fun that comes without too many caveats.
PSX Extreme (Jan 10, 2006)
Until something better comes along, World Championship Poker 2 featuring Howard Lederer is the best poker video game available for home consoles. Sure, it'd be nice if the presentation were flashier, and if the game offered more configuration options, but the poker itself is damn near perfect. That's what matters most.
For hardcore poker players that want a real experience, there are a ton of titles out there and even Websites where you can go. For those of you who would rather play a game and have fun, WCP is all in.
Game Chronicles (Mar 02, 2006)
But for the rest of us, who are not so caught up with riding the poker bandwagon, World Championship Poker 2 is not a whole lot different than any of the other poker games already available on the market. And as so, World Championship Poker 2 is probably not worth much more than a simple weekend rental.
IGN (Nov 21, 2005)
As it stands, WCP2 can certainly compete with 2005's other poker winner, WPT, but we need to see a combination of the better features found in both products before we announce a clear victor. As is, WCP2 is too much unlike its predecessor in too many different ways to warrant an immediate recommendation to fans of the WCP series. In fact, they might prefer WPT, since it's very similar to the original WCP. That said, this is still one legitimately good title that deserves a look, if only for its solid AI and interesting character development system.
Gamernode (May 09, 2006)
World Championship Poker 2 serves more as a tutor on how to play the different variations of poker, rather than as an entertaining video game title. The game is able to prompt you when you make "questionable" calls and helps you to understand the game better. If you are someone who knows nothing about poker or is new to the game, WCP2 may serve as a valuable tool in getting you ready for the next home game. However, WCP2 is a disappointment for people who are looking for an entertaining simulation of poker. WCP2 lacks imagination, quality graphics, and the "fun factor" which is required of any successful game title.
G4 TV: X-Play (Oct 30, 2006)
There’s not much more to say about World Championship Poker because, quite frankly, there’s not much to the game. The great selection of poker styles is ruined by limited play options, a horrible presentation and crappy player A.I. Save yourself some cash and just buy a deck of cards instead.