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WWE Crush Hour (PlayStation 2)

WWE Crush Hour Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen.
Mode selection.
Choosing the vehicle.
The game starts with a short animated introduction setting out the story
The head of WWE has become so powerful that he now controls all TV channels so all shows feature WWE stars
From the animated introduction
The head of WWE has become so powerful that he now controls all TV channels so all shows feature WWE stars. Here's one advertising a barbeque
This screen follows the animated introduction. It sets the tine of the game, lots of flame and sparks, loud generic rock music, dark and grungy graphics
The game's main menu
The game's controller configuration. The buttons are not configurable and there's no alternate setup
If left to it's own devices the game initiates a rolling demo
Starting an exhibition match. The first choice is which arena to fight in. RAW, Hell in the Cell, Hardcore are the only arenas available at the outset, others must be unlocked
Starting an exhibition match
The second configuration screen decides the type of game. There are three types of match Hell in the Cell, Free for All, and Tag Team
Setting up an exhibition match
The final configuration screen selects the WWE star and their associated vehicle
There's no vehicle customisation options in this game
One of the game's load screens
A match starts with a fly-by of the arena
This is Hell in the Cell. The players can drive inside the temple, round the courtyard, through gateways but there's no place to hide
A match starts with a fly-by of the arena
This is inside the temple of the 'Hell in the Cell' arena.
The start of an exhibition match
The drivers are announced and they make an entrance as they do in the WWE ring, to the accompaniment of much noise and a short video montage
The start of an exhibition match
There are three AI opponents selected by the game. This is a Hell in the Cell match and the winner is the first with ten kills
As with WWE Wrestling players can be wiped out and then make a miraculous recovery and fight on. This is a respawn point and there's some ******* sitting there waiting for me!
Naturally there are power ups. This one's a grenade launcher, others include missiles, turbo power, and health
Head to head with Triple H
Opposing player's are clearly labelled and their health is shown as a horizontal red status bar
Game Over
The RAW arena. This is at the start of a season. The character selection screen is the same as for the exhibition match and the match type and location are predetermined
Head to head with Stone Cold in the RAW arena. It was going well until another AI opponent came in from the side
This is a favourite AI tactic. They ram the players car at an angle so that they can pound away while remaining out of the line of fire
Another AI tactic is to gang up and attack the player in pairs
Some of the explosions can look quite pretty