X Squad Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

From the animated introduction, this is Dr. Bianca Noble being abducted.
She's shown in monochrome presumably because they could not afford a colour TV
The game's title screen
The first menu.
The colour of the flame effect changes as different options are selected
There are two controller settings
Triangle at this point shows a sub menu of combination moves
The start of the first mission
This is where the team receive Bianca's distress message and go in looking for her
After the animated introduction to level one there's another load screen while the game loads
The first level starts off as a single player shooter, the squad stuff comes later
They don't build impregnable fortresses like they used to. Ash and Maya have both gained access to look for Bianca.
Maya pops up in this little window when she has something to say
This is early in the game and it shows the player being told which action button to use to operate the lift
This shows Ash's inventory