Xenosaga: Episode II - Jenseits von Gut und Böse Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Main menu
Opening cinematic
Chaos and Canaan open the story to tell of events that took place 14 years ago
Unlike in Episode I, certain battles with a help of E.S. are required and more often
Margulis and Pallegri have plans of their own and will seriously catch up to their lack of appearance in Episode I
Characters didn't change much in attitude, despite the more serious look
The biggest CG character change can be seen on none other than Vector's chief engineer, Shion Uzuki
KOS-MOS is still deadly and beautiful, as always
Shion talking to KOS-MOS
Sometimes it takes just a simple realization to boost up the optimism
Jr. eavesdropping on Ziggy's conversation with Juli Mizrahi
Rubedo's trying to provide some protection against two E.S.s but without comforting results
Momo is taking the wheel
Jr. firing at the pursuers
MOMO may look sweet, but when the action takes place, she's the right girl to handle it
This is called a driving without a license
Chaos, MOMO, and Jr. against a regular M-class enemy
Chaos hitting the enemy at the right break zones
After the battle, you gain experience and possibly level up
Some of your party members are better handling soldiers than bots, so you might want to change characters during the battle if necessary
The camera shows victorious move of the character who makes the finishing kick (note the diving mask, it's extra you get if you had save game file of finished Episode I on a memory card)
Drone attacks one of your E.S. (your each E.S. has a pilot and a co-pilot)
Using range attack against an enemy E.S.
Whenever you load one of your saved files, you get the story thus far to help you with some forgotten facts
Swapping discs
Nigredo seems as if he just realised there's no more toilet paper
As in Episode I, there'll be many memory lanes that'll add to the puzzle solution
When on Durandal, Little Master is always in the mood for some ordering around
Depending upon your leading character, dialogues with NPCs will vary
New mini-game in Episode II is providing a help to those in need and being a good samaritan, though they can be rather rewarding
Onboard Elsa, Shion's exploring the ship a little, which is slightly different in Episode II
Shion's talking to a barman droid onboard Elsa
Close-up on Jr.
Captain Matthews is the one to talk to if you want to go somewhere
Margulis is entering the scene
Jin and Margulis taking on yet another fancy swordfight that yielded no absolute winner
Boss battle against Margulis
KOS-MOS destroying everything that can be destroyed in hope to find some hidden items
Xenosaga games feature lots of very close camera angles so we can see the details on the pupils