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Xenosaga: Episode II - Jenseits von Gut und Böse (PlayStation 2)

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There was never a PAL release of Xenosaga: Episode I and the next episode is a direct sequel, so the second game in the series was released in Europe with a bonus DVD disc to introduce the storyline. Both English and Japanese voices are available, with optional subtitles, and it contains almost five hours of CGI movies from the first game, divided over three main chapters with a scenes selection.

Contributed by Sciere (295140) on Nov 07, 2005. -- edit trivia

If you have finished Xenosaga: Episode I, and have save game on your memory card, upon starting the new game, you'll be prompted if you wanna open some extras, which include various outfits for some of your characters during battles, like diving mask for Ziggy or swimming costume for KOS-MOS.

Contributed by MAT (94106) on Apr 17, 2005. -- edit trivia

"Jenseits von Gut und Böse" is yet another famous phrase by the great German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, meaning "Beyond Good and Evil". There is, however, no connection to UbiSoft's game Beyond Good & Evil...

Contributed by Cor 13 (173325) on Jul 13, 2004. -- edit trivia