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    The first edition of the critically-acclaimed XG racing series to hit the Xbox, XGRA™: Extreme-G Racing Association™ brings the motor sport of the future to life. With bigger weapons, faster vehicles, more treacherous tracks, and unique characters, XGRA will be the future racer to beat!

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    Acclaim's futuristic racer blazes onto the PS2 with polished graphics, a new weapons system and ridiculously fast Akira-style gravity defying bikes

    The latest instalment in Acclaim's Extreme-G series, XGRA takes the ultra-modern motor-sport to a whole new level. For the uninitiated, XGRA stands for Extreme Gravity Racing, and is a sort-of futuristic Ben Hur chariot race, only on floaty motorbikes, and um, did we mention it's set in the future? So you'll be taking part of lots of team-based bikathons that involve blasting the opposition into next week with a variety of heavy weaponry, including machine guns, missiles and electric beams - think WipEout on two wheels and you're in the right ball-park.

    The story goes that in 2025, the motorised bloodsport XGRA is the proles' entertainment of choice, attracting a huge following, and a fair few 'daredevil' competitors thirsty for glory, too. Consisting of teams of racers, each with their own set of unhinged members vying for the title of racing Champion, XGRA is a high-speed chase across vast landscapes on death-defying tracks.

    There are three different modes to try out, including Arcade and Time Trial Races, but the main action is in the Career mode. Your first task here is to select a team that you want to ride with from the eight on offer; each has its own unique history, sponsors and, apparently, rivalries. Once you've joined a team, it's time to start taking part in challenges, or 'contracts', which are different for each group. These contracts involve anything from finishing a race in a certain position to assassinating a member of the competition. And once you've completed set missions, you'll begin to gain credibility and status amongst your peers, and can choose to relocate to a different team in order to upgrade your vehicle. But beware, in the world of Extreme Gravity Racing, competitors bear grudges, and if you've done something to rile another racer, they'll come looking for you in subsequent events.

    XGRA features seven different futurescapes to sample, from underwater worlds to arid plains, each with two tracks, and both a day and night variant too. Graphically, the environments are atmospheric and create a genuine sense of immersion when you're clipping along at a gratifyingly stupid speed. And the bikes and riders themselves don't look too shabby either, with biker babes and robots amongst the perfectly pixellated competitors.

    With the addition of CNN-style news commentary, keeping you up-to-speed on all the latest stats throughout the race, and an array of teams, riders and, of course, weaponry to get to grips with, XGRA should give other futuristic racers a run for their money...

    • Transfer teams as you progress - the better you ride, the better your bike becomes

    • Fully destructible, totally immersive environments

    • New fluid weapon system allows you to stay focussed on the race whilst you unleash attacks on the opposition

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    Extreme G Racing returns to the Nintendo GameCube in XG3's wrecklessly-fast, sound barrier-shattering sequel, XGRA.

    Decades in the future, crash-craving racing fans tune in to The Sports Interactive News Network to see the mach-speed carnage of the Extreme Gravity Racing Association (XGRA). The drivers of the XGRA pilot high-tech supersonic bikes equipped with an arsenal of onboard weapon systems. Racers scream around treacherous tracks scattered throughout the world (and beyond) in harsh, unforgivable environments...and in these brutal races, anything goes!


    • Win race seasons to earn a chance to race on faster, more powerful bike classes.
    • Compete for a spot on 8 different racing teams, each with their own bike technology, sponsors and rivals.
    • Please your team and sponsor by completing race-specific contract goals to earn better gear. Goals range from earning a fastest lap time to destroying a billboard to obliterating a rival.
    • Select from a variety of characters to pilot your bike, each sporting a different set of attributes.
    • Unlock new tracks, bikes, weapons and character enhancements by winning races and completing contracts.
    • Use your bike's weapon system to destroy track and environment objects like bridges, billboards and gas lines.
    • Rock out while you race to an amazing soundtrack featuring a long list of rock and dance tracks.

    Bottom Line

    XGRA is a surprisingly fun, unbelievably-fast racing game. Many gamers will compare it to F-Zero GX--both share a similar style of mach-speed racing--but the two games have a completely different feel. XGRA is far more combat oriented and focuses on a long racing career. Fans of ultra high-speed racing owe it to themselves to check out XGRA.

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Acclaim US website - PS2/Xbox/GC:



    In the future racing is faster - MUCH FASTER. More dangerous - much MORE DANGEROUS. And it's totally merciless, which means ANYTHING GOES. Run by the XGRA (the Extreme Gravity Racing Association), this motorized bloodsport throws teams of futuristic bikes and daredevil riders against one another through dangerous tracks that crisscross vast and treacherous landscapes pushing all to their limits.... And beyond!


  • SiNN (Sports Interactive News Network) and the XGRA (Extreme Gravity Racing Association) create a future motor sport unlike anything ever experienced.

  • 8 different teams, all with unique histories, sponsors, and rivalries.

  • Variable missions and storylines that make each race part of a larger career. You now race for a reason other than just getting to the next track.

  • A game structure designed to emulate a true motor sport season with various classes and race types.

  • A variety of different and completely tweakable main vehicle types.

  • A wide range of characters, each with skills & statistics that affect how they race.

  • A rewards system that allows for a slew of unlockable content - from game modes to new tracks, from faster bikes to character-enhancing cybernetic implants.

  • Environments that bring worlds to life. From variable weather systems to realistically constructed buildings, all 16 tracks are set in worlds so startling, you may actually forget to race.

  • An interactive HUD that not only provides all relevant information during the race, but can be manipulated during gameplay.

  • Destructible objects - from gas pipes to bridges to spectators, the track can be changed dynamically by anyone throughout the race.

  • A new weapons system that allows the player to easily select and use weapons without fear of losing focus on the race.


    Press Coverage:

    "Mind-boggling quick, XGRA is quite possibly the fastest entry in the futuristic racing subgenre... Super-smooth frame rates and massive amounts of effects polish off killer visuals."
    - Gamepro (

    "There's a real strategy to using weapons now and this heightens the intensity of the races... XGRA has a lot of style."
    - IGN (

    "The sensation of speed is excellent, and the track designs are as grandiose and ostentatious as have ever been seen in a futuristic racing game."
    - Gamespot (

    "If you like futuristic racing games or just racing games in general then you will definitely want to take XGRA for a spin."
    - Game Chronicles (

    "The bikes still look amazing, sleek and futuristic. The different forms of bikes available just makes for even more eye candy."
    - (

    Developer Interview:
    "We go in-depth with XGRA's lead designer about the racer's sense of speed, improved graphics, console-specific features and so much more."
    - IGN (

    "Once you hit that sound barrier, the effect is awesome. It's as if the picture on the TV screen is about to be torn straight off of it. Once that starts, blinking wouldn't be a good idea."
    - Planet GameCube (

    Runner-up for best gamecube racing game at E3
    - IGN (

    For the Developer Diary ( "The diary is amazing. I wish every developer put as much time and care into their write-ups, really. We're all very excited by the game and these diaries just continue to pump us up more. Tell the Cheltenham guys that they rock."
    - IGN

    "we expect great things from XGRA."

    "We're so excited by this racing sequel...and you should be too."
    - IGN

    "looks mind-numbingly tasty."
    - Play Magazine

    "XGRA has the potential to be one of the best racers of the year."
    - IGN

    "We're very excited about this one. Imagine the style of Wipeout, the speed of F-Zero, the exhilaration of XGIII, a depth that exceeds F1...all in one game."
    - CUBE Magazine

    "Move over Wipeout. Make room F-Zero."
    - IGN

    Acclaim Press Releases:

    XGRA: Extreme-G Racing Association Ships - Pulling more G's and packing more firepower than an F-16, Acclaim announced that it has shipped XGRA(TM): Extreme-G Racing Association(TM) for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system.... (Full Story:

    XGRA: Extreme-G Racing Association Announced - Breaking the sound barrier and unleashing a futuristic two-wheeled assault on the next-generation gaming systems, Acclaim unveiled XGRA(TM): Extreme-G Racing Association... (Full Story:

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