Yakuza Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

The little girl at the heart of the mystery.
Main menu.
The moment that changed Kazuma's life.
NPC dialogue overlays as you pass.
Major characters are introduced with a stylized frame.
Yumi, Kazuma's childhood love and story catalyst.
Serena bar. Classy.
Important buildings can be entered.
Fighting on the streets.
Detective Mako Date
Pick up objects in the world as weapons.
Yakuza meeting where the missing money is announced.
Streets are impressively always packed.
Streets of "Kamurocho" District.
Enter shops to buy food and items.
Kazuma gets into fights pretty much ALL THE TIME.
Ending this brawl with a well-placed bike.
All that fighting might make you hungry for a noodle bowl.
Great detail, even in the alleys.
Public square in the theater district.
Kazuma is approached by some would-be muggers.
Charge your special meter, then slam enemies into walls.
The start of the series' admiration of hostess bars.
Seriously? A fight here? You can't take Kazuma anywhere!
That's one way to break up a fight.
Don Quixote, a real store chain, appears in the game.
Fighting a hitman dressed as a stripper. Just a Tuesday for Kazuma.
Punks and rival stop you often for a fight. It's Kaz's primary source of income.
Find locker keys hidden around town to unlock free goodies.
The crane minigame. My personal nemesis.
Tokyo is in the Christmas spirit.
Buy Haruka things she asks for to raise her trust level.
Haruka cheers us on from the sidelines.
Many chapters have you roaming with Haruka in tow.
Purgatory - a park taken over by the homeless.
Under Purgatory is a posh casino for the wealthy.
The casino offers Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat.
Fight in the Purgatory tournaments for extra cash and supplies.
Different enemy types (Sumo, nimble) require different strategies.
Pistols picked up during fights only have one bullet.