Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
The leader of Warwolf squadron and one of the game protagonists.
Dogfight over Miami.
Enemy fighter down... you can even see the pilot.
You can rotate the camera around the plane, but do it quickly and not when the enemy is nearby.
Flying in 1st-person perspective... enemy fighter shot down.
When passing near the enemy fighter, press L2 and R2 to start tailing it.
First few missions will provide you basic piloting tutorials, the rest is up to your skills.
Firing homing missiles on multiple enemies at once.
Check the back camera to see your hits.
Flying too close to the water.
Use the Gatling gun to take out the enemy convoy crossing the bridge.
Your fellow bombing squadron is taking out the entire bridge... that's one way to make sure the convoy is destroyed.
Anti-air infantry can be hard to spot on the streets and rooftops unless you zoom in.
During cinematics when you walk, you can use analogue stick to look around you.
Selecting the plane for your next mission.
On some missions you will fly Apache attack helicopter.
Flying the helicopter using the cockpit camera view.
You can display the entire area mini-map, but it may block your view during combat.
You can make minor customizations to the plane, more becomes available as you unlock it.
You can preview the plane before selecting it for the mission.
Select your weapons based on the mission type.
You won't be piloting certain heavy planes, but will make the full use of its cannons.
Take out enemy convoy from high in the skies... keep in mind the time it may take the projectile to reach the ground and aim accordingly.
Landing sequence is done manually.
Enemy can also tail you... in such case, you can decelerate and make a gutsy move to find yourself tailing the enemy instead.
Tailing the enemy (marked by circle) while another enemy is tailing you (marked by two arrows).
Watch out for the damage on your plane... it will repair after a period of time if you can keep on evading enemy fire.
Assisting your SEALs in overtaking the ship.
There's a lot of small boats with anti'air infantry on board... act fast.
Close encounter with the enemy Hind.
Destroying enemy planes is displayed ever so vividly.
You can enter the check point that will lead your plane along the path for optimal ground assault.
Preparing to take out the enemy navy... or die trying.
Enemy carrier is heavily defended by SAMs, Gatling guns and fighter planes.
Some planes are too big to fit on the screen.
Avoid radar detection until you reach the target.
Assault on Moscow in UN and Russian joint strike operation.
Streets of Moscow are crowded with enemy tanks and AA trucks... keep flying low or you'll be spotted from all sides.