Alpha Protocol Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Main menu.
Select your character's class for the new game.
Opening starts with a jet plane being shot down by a terrorist strike.
Most of the game is being told through main character's flashbacks.
Waking up half-drugged... time to figure out what's going on.
Your attitude during conversations will change the course of the game.
Time to take out the guard.
Hacking the alarm.
Seems they've been monitoring you.
Walk in crouch mode to sneak up to your prey.
A silent kill.
Shooting from the cover.
Loading screen.
Agent Thornton will change several safehouses as the missions take place in different countries across the globe.
Check your inventory for weapons, armour and other useful gadgets.
You will collect various dossiers about factions and individual during your missions.
As you level up, you will have to hone your skills to be able to face the enemy.
You can change your character's appearance in the safehouse.
That's a lot of firepower at your disposal... but it is only iconic, you'll probably have much less to equip.
Mission briefing.
When push comes to shove, buy some better weapons on the black market.
Meeting an old friend... or a foe.