Amy Credits (PlayStation 3)

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Amy Credits


ProducerPaul Cuisset
Creative DirectorPaul Cuisset
Managing DirectorPhilippe Delamarre
Associate ProducerJérôme Bayeux
Administrative DirectorPatricia Cuisset

Game Design

Lead Game DesignerOlivier Lochey ("Daff")
Game DesignersSebastien Di Ruzza, Michel Momcilovic, Nicolas Roginski
Additional Game DesignBrian Pitet, Cyril Danon, Alexandre Schnoebelen

Level Design

Lead Level DesignerPaul Cuisset
Level DesignerOlivier Lochey ("Daff")

Level Art

Lead Environment ArtistBenoît Bianconi
Senior Environment ArtistFrancis Courchinoux
Environment ArtistsFrédéric Michel, Benoit Roche


Lead AnimatorThierry Levastre
AnimatorsCéline Boivin, Qian Li
Additional AnimationMylène Bussy


Lead Character ArtistJean-Philippe Degosse
Character ArtistsPascal Duriaux, Karim Eltamer

Art Design

Concept Artist & Interface DesignerSorane Mathieu
Additional Concept ArtistAlexandre Bonvalot, Thomas Pringle


Lead ProgrammerPaul Cuisset
Senior ProgrammersBenoist Aron, Cyril Tissier
ProgrammersYann Lejeune, Matthieu Leveder, Jean-Philippe Brun


StoryPaul Cuisset
Scenario and DialoguesKurt McClung, Mathieu Gaborit, Jeffrey Spock


Sound DesignGery Montet
Music (miscredited as Sound Design)Christophe Rime
Audio ProvidersJonathan Liebling, André Fèvre, Gery Montet

Motion Capture

Motion Capture EngineerThierry Levastre
Motion CaptureClémence Beauxis, Jessica Caffet, Gabrielle Cuisset, Sabine Crossen, Cyril Droux, Anthony Marmeth ("Hellrossa"), Sorane Mathieu, Céline Boivin, Damien Charraud, Benoît Bianconi


Cutscene DirectorChristophe Devaux


Lead TesterFrancis Courchinoux, Anthony Marmeth ("Hellrossa")
TestersMalik Beldjillali, Didier Mayda, Isabelle Lapraz, Paul Lim, David Sam, Olivier Balou, Rémy Jacquaint, Raphaël Schbath, Jean-Claude Petit ("Jayc")
PlaytestersGary Sotiropoulos, Gabrielle Cuisset, Antoine Heil, Vincent Mondiot, Richard Duhamel, Christophe Pham Dang, Bruno Bocquet, Gaetan Dewallef, Lionel Gerber, Xavier Rozé, Aurélien Leborgne, David Sam, Vincent Lamiraux, Jonathan Vulliet

Lexis Numérique

DirectorJosé Sanchis
PresidentÉric Viennot
Production DirectorDelphine Fenioux
Marketing Development DirectorDjamil Kemal
Business Development DirectorDjamil Kemal
QA ManagerDamien Charraud


Recording StudioSCOPITONE
LanaSabine Crossen, Jodie Forrest
AmyKriss Logan
LavignaSharon Mann
Father JohnDavid Gasman
MarcelloMatthew Geczy
Professor RaymondDavid Gasman
ControllerMatthew Geczy
SoldiersDavid Gasman, Matthew Geczy, Sharon Mann
MonstersGery Montet
Unfortunate SoldierJérôme Bayeux


Project ManagerLaure Bouffard, Edoardo Fosco
Linguistic CoordinatorCarine Pedron
US VersionKurt McClung, Paul Cuisset
French VersionPaul Cuisset, Ophélie Colin, Jérôme Bayeux
Compliance TestingBUG‑TRACKER, Wolfgang Klingel
Special ThanksSOLIDANIM, Alain Munch, Jean-Baptiste Dubois, Gabrielle Cuisset, Gaetan Dewallef, Jessica Caffet, VICON MOTION SYSTEMS, Bob Dimmock, Carine Hinder, Alain Pires, Jerome Pourchier, Clément Bassery, IMAGINATION STUDIOS, STUDIO AUDIO ART, Claire McGowan, Our friends and families for their support, Thanks to the C.N.C., Thanks to the PhyreEngine™ team
GrannyUses Granny Animation. Copyright [C] 1999-2011 by RAD Game Tools, Inc.
BinkUses Bink Video. Copyright [C] 1997-2011 by RAD Game Tools, Inc.
Havok''AMY'' uses Havok™. ©Copyright 1999-2011 Inc. [and its Licensors]. All Rights Reserved. See for details.
LightsprintIlluminated by Lightspring, [C] 1999-2010 Lightsprint s.r.o.,
ScaleformThis software product includes Autodesk® Scaleform® software, © 2011 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.
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FmodFMOD Ex Sound System. Firelight Technologies. All rights reserved.
AngelScriptAngelCode Scripting Library. Copyright [c] 2003‑2006, Andreas Jonsson
Lexis Numériqueis a registered trademark, property of Lexis Numérique. Copyright. All rights reserved.
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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65883)