Armored Core 4 (PlayStation 3)

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AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.0
Overall User Score (1 vote) 3.2

Critic Reviews

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Armchair Empire, The (Jun 22, 2007)
Compared to the version released on the Xbox 360 you ask? Looks better on the PS3, responds better on the Xbox. Not a huge win for either console in my opinion, as both wins were marginal at best. All in all, Armored Core 4 was one of the first games in a long time that actually had me sitting around trying to think of a way to beat the mission while not playing. If you are thinking about the content of the game while you are working, it’s an addictive game and definitely recommended to those who have enjoyed the franchise up to this point.
80 (UK) (Jan 24, 2007)
But for anyone who hasn't had that pleasure, this is probably the best place to start. Armored Core 4 is more accessible than its predecessors; and at its core, beneath the complicated controls and imposing arsenal of body parts, it's a pretty simple, superfast, graceful and smart mech-combat game, and it deserves your attention.
HonestGamers (Jul 04, 2007)
Most of the elements of this game come together in fine form, meaning it's an experience you won't want to miss.
Thunderbolt Games (Apr 22, 2007)
Overall, Armored Core 4 is a brilliant game. It combines the classic sci-fi cliché of giant robot battles with the obsessive tinkering of real world mechanics. Anyone who enjoys computers, cars, or other machinery will get a kick out of the customization aspect (from body parts to paint jobs) and mecha enthusiasts, will, well... love blowing the crap out of everything. If you have the stomach for a game where 8 digit numbers are the norm, you owe it to yourself to pick up this game. While it isn't perfect, it's certainly the best game of its kind on the Xbox 360, or any other console at the moment.
Overall, Armored Core 4 is a huge step forward in every way. It might have been simplified a lot, and a lot of long-time fans might find that to be disappointing, but I think it was a much-needed shot of juice. You’ve got some pretty good graphics, fast-paced destructive mech combat, and online multiplayer. What more could you ask from a mech game? And for heavens’ sake, mech fans, buy this before you even consider touching Gundam or Chromehounds–but you didn’t need me to tell you that.
GameSpot (Mar 20, 2007)
Between the streamlined assembly process, the retooled control scheme, and the junking of the cooling system and other mechanics that slowed down the action, Armored Core 4 is far more approachable game than previous installments in the series. Its heavier emphasis on arcade-style mech-on-mech action also means that its enhanced fast-paced action will appeal to a more mainstream audience. And even though it isn't as complex as it once was, there's still plenty to obsess over for the hardcore lot. Suffice it to say, yes, really, this is a very good mech combat game.
75 (Apr 06, 2007)
This is definitely a solid first outing on a new system. While it may not appeal to everyone, the developers definitely took some steps in the right direction here. With a unique story, brilliant sound, and mountains of customizations, Armored Core 4 offers what a lot of PS3 games do not; a fun time.
If you’ve stuck with the Armored Core series this long, welcome to the next level of mechanized combat from FROM Software. You obviously relish this particular brand of robot action. If you’re new to the series however, prepare yourself for a robotic assault that requires more than toggling weapons, aiming and shooting. Time to hit the garage. If you’ve come to tinker, settle in.
Game Shark (Apr 27, 2007)
Without any previous experience with the series, you could conceivably get into Armored Core 4. The furiously fast action certainly holds great appeal; however, you may a difficult time following the story and grappling with the customization system. The game remains true to the series in catering more toward the hardcore element despite good attempts at making the game accessible; Armored Core 4 easily offers up the hottest mech-on-mech action yet in this next generation.
70 (Jun 21, 2007)
Ultimately, Armored Core 4 offers nothing we haven't seen in Mech Warrior or Zone of the Enders, aside from a little next-gen polish that is of mixed success. However, it is still a very enjoyable action romp, which also contains plenty of accessible customisation and strategy, and has a feel about it that screams hardcore, without demanding players trade in their social life for Achievement points and a monitor-kissed, pale skin tone.
68 (Aug 29, 2007)
Whenever I review a game I take the time to find out other peoples' opinion in order to ensure that I'm not giving a too biased final score. AC4 has the ability to split people right down the middle, it's a Marmite (Vegemite, in some quarters) game. Those that love to customise mechs and own previous incarnations are sure to love it, those like me that only find limited appeal are sure to find it disappointing. There is fun to be had, gliding a ton of metal around armed to the teeth blowing stuff up does have its moments which cannot be denied but will not grab the attention for long and is best played in small bursts. There is nothing next-gen about the title in the least; only slightly improved graphics. There was the scope to do more, indeed in the 20th outing in the series you might expect the developers to, but the latest outing suffers from being too short, too limited and too repetitive.
65 (Jun 22, 2007)
Sans justifier le statut d'incontournable, Armored Core 4 fait bonne figure sur Next Gen. Les combats sont nerveux et donnent le tournis, la pluralité des décors apportent un aspect globe-trotteur des plus plaisants et la jouabilité est bonne malgré quelques défauts liés au lock notamment. En somme, si le jeu avait pu offrir des missions plus variées, l'intérêt aurait été encore plus grand. En l'état, on a "juste"' droit à un bon titre de mécha, fun et sans prise de tête.
HardGamers (Apr 10, 2007)
Avec l’arrivée des consoles de nouvelle génération, on pourrait croire que les développeurs pourraient penser à changer ou seulement améliorer certains aspects de leurs franchises. Certains le font, mais pas d’autres, ce qui donne un jeu qui, en 2007, nous laisse un peu sur notre faim. Côté des jeux de mechs, nous avons connu mieux, alors c’est normal de s’attendre à plus de Armored Core 4, sur du côté du gameplay. Espérons que les développeurs se prennent autrement pour Armored Core 5.
PSX Extreme (Mar 30, 2007)
Armored Core 4 fails to re-establish itself as something new, and I can only recommend it to its fan-base. The mission structure is broken, and the missions can be very short. The online, while fun, is incomplete. And the visuals leave something to be desired. The game's seemingly infinite depth and single-player rewards certainly make it worthwhile for the 'Core fan, but the casual gamer should really look elsewhere.
Gamestyle (Oct 01, 2007)
Overall Armored Core 4 is heading in the right direction, but there are many issues that need to be addressed. Once that happens, then you’ll certainly have something that will stand out as the best in the series.
UOL Jogos (Apr 10, 2007)
"Armored Core 4" consegue oferecer alguns momentos incríveis, que sem dúvida levarão os fãs de robôs gigantes ao êxtase. Contudo, a curta duração das missões pode acabar com a diversão do jogador antes mesmo de ela ter começado. Aos jogadores que buscam apenas um pouco de ação desenfreada, pode ser um título complexo e lento demais.
Extreme Gamer (Apr 03, 2007)
Armored Core 4 doesn’t have enough fuel to power up this awkward version of Armored Core. From Software tried to move in a slightly new direction with an improved, streamlined customization and a quicker game pace, but it doesn't get the job done. The entire production feels unforced, with a overly complex storyline and repetitive meaningless missions. I wanted to love my sweet Armored Core action, but I have been denied. If you want the real Armored Core experience, I suggest you save your $60 and rent an older version of the game, Armored Core 2 for the Playstation 2 being my pick.
IGN (Mar 20, 2007)
The Armored Core franchise celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. To have that kind of staying power, it’s clear Sega and FromSoftware know what this fan base wants, but although Armored Core 4 delivers its usual, expansive customization options, it isn’t enough to overlook weak single-player missions and lackluster visuals.
The Next Level (May 16, 2007)
Ultimately, outside of hardcore Armored Core fans this installment is unlikely to win the hearts and minds of casual mech gamers. You can't fault it all that much, since collecting converts probably wasn't the goal but there is still too much to be desired. While mech customization can be a good bit of geeky fun, it shouldn't have to carry a whole game on its shoulders. A solid single player experience is the one thing most mech titles lack, and this is no exception. Even the hardcore fans should be asking for more.
GotNext (May 16, 2007)
Ultimately, outside of hardcore Armored Core fans this installment is unlikely to win the hearts and minds of casual mech gamers. You can't fault it all that much, since collecting converts probably wasn't the goal but there is still too much to be desired. While mech customization can be a good bit of geeky fun, it shouldn't have to carry a whole game on its shoulders. A solid single player experience is the one thing most mech titles lack, and this is no exception. Even the hardcore fans should be asking for more.
GamePro (US) (Mar 21, 2007)
Since I feel like I've beaten the proverbial dead horse, I'll say something nice about the game: its controls are surprisingly decent. They are complicated, but once you master them, your mech will be doing cartwheels in no time. Okay, that's an exaggeration but you get my point. Ultimately, Armored Core 4 offers only an empty experience that's as lifeless as the cold metal contraptions that star in the game.