Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Returning to Monteriggioni, the home you built in Assassin's Creed II.
When you meet historic places or persons, you can check more info about them.
Even Ubisoft realized they need to add some visual romance to the franchise.
Ezio is older now, and that much more skilled assassin.
The town is under attack by Borgia troops.
Man the cannon and try to gain on some time until the villagers escape.
Ezio is helping anyone who is oppressed by Borgia.
New entry to the franchise are lifts which will quickly lift you all the way to the roof.
Different weapon types will provide you different way to face enemy combatants.
Sneaking in for a sudden kill from the air.
Entering the lair of Romulus followers.
There are many missions that are not obligatory, and each has certain rule for a perfect synchronization.
Sometimes you'll have to give a chase for your target.
The screen goes bright during certain kill moves.
This time place of events is Rome and its famous places.
For stealth attacks at distance use your crossbow.
You won't be able to parry to every enemy, so use evasion and boot kick.
Meeting with Michelangelo, he will be back to help you with upgrades.
Old memories from Venezzia.
Assassination from the air.
Pretending to be Borgia officer carrying cash to your master... silly remarks by soldiers will tell you if you're off course.
A ludicrously high leap of faith.
Double kill with hidden blades.
Silent takedown from the haystack.
Only eagles come this high, but someone must've built those jumping points.
Use pigeons to contact other assassins.
A mini RPG of leveling up your brotherhood.
Send your assassins on missions across Europe to gather experience.
After taking out nearby Borgia towers, you can repair stores and buildings in the area.
Over time newer weapons and armor will become unlocked.
Map of the area.
Back at your estate
Asking for a help from an old friend
Ezio is well known womanizer
Firing cannons at the enemy infantry
Rest in peace... final talk with the assassinated
Quick kill
Ezio is getting ready for the masked ball
Venezian streets and canals
Looking for a machine-gun blueprints
This chest must be valuable
Ezio versus Borgia
Horse can jump across the destroyed bridge
Using crossbow to even the odds
Hiding in the haystack
The contracts list