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PlayStation 3 version

Talking about gigantic enemies
Fight with elephant-like Ghoma
Camera angles are amazing throughout the whole game.
After each episode, you get a little text story related to it.
Looks like a turtle.
You'll have to deal not only with Ghoma, but with Demigods too.
During fligh shooter sections, Asura destroys battleships in a matter of seconds.
It's better to get behind than rush straight into shielded enemies.
You can quickly finish knocked enemies with a single strong attack.
Apparently, Asura can't simply block incoming attack, so best way to protect yourself is jumping away.
Hot springs and boobs give away the country of origin.
Weakest Ghoma are quite a rare sight.
Successful counterattack will please your eyes.
You'll get new extra content after each episode completion.
Button smashing contest.
Getting through boss attack patterns.
Blows exchange between Asura and his master.
Man, that game looks awesome every second.
The visuals were certainly in the right hands.
One of the basic quick time events.
Fighting without hand sounds tough.
Hand canon of wrath
Shooting stage as a second main character - Yasha.
With the analogue stick it's rather difficult to aim at all those flying Ghoma.
Another button smashing action sequence.
Dealing with elite Demigod soldier.
Another boss fight
I wish every game had as cool scenes as in Asura's Wrath.
Mass Effect, Japanese edition
Fighting the Vlitra
Extra content: concept art
Learning the basics of basic controls
Asura can shoot projectiles too.
Now that the unlimited gauge is charged, you can perform more powerful strikes before overheating.
Various gauges actually provide useful bonuses.
Episode selection menu. The whole game is like an interactive anime series.
The world has gone crazy.
Each episode ends with preview of the next.