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RPGamer (Sep 23, 2011)
The gameplay continues its solid trend, and Totori shows constant refinement to the tried-and-true Atelier formula. NIS America and Gust have given RPGamers a fantastic game with a great localization and an impeccable way to combine aspects of the simulation and JRPG genre as well as time management mechanics that pull you in and don't let go. Furthermore, Totori outdoes its predecessor in nearly every aspect, showing that Gust is always trying to one-up itself with each new release. Atelier Totori shines for its honesty, and has a lighthearted feel that the majority of RPGs don't match.
RPGFan (Sep 26, 2011)
It's difficult to find fault in Atelier Totori, but I recognize that it is not a game for everyone. The characters are mostly unique and interesting, but their roots in anime archetypes are obvious. Synthesizing items can get repetitive, and the main story is underdeveloped until near the end of the game, but these are fairly negligible issues. Fans of previous games in the series will find a lot to love here, and the modern conveniences are attractive enough to lure in hesitant newcomers. Players looking for a colorful world, a lighthearted story, and deep gameplay need look no further than Atelier Totori.
PSX Extreme (Sep 28, 2011)
Atelier Totori: Adventurer of Arland presents us with a charming, almost angelic visual arrangement, and a balanced, engaging adventure that keeps us coming back for more. The completionists will want to do every quest, advance their Adventurer and Alchemy ranks, and do everything there is to do. The environments are comely and while the characters are a little too cutesy for me, they still have some definition and personality. The turn-based battle works, damnit, and the strategic time restriction enhances the challenge. [...] It has a few drawbacks - the story isn’t great, it takes too long to progress, and some of the battle can feel a little underwhelming - but for RPG fans, it’s a winner.
Cheat Code Central (Oct, 2011)
Still, for fans of this kind of personal adventure story, Atelier Totori is a great game with a ton of replay value. The open world conveys a great sense of adventure and exploration, the player has a lot of choice in how to play out Totori's adventure, the characters are a great deal of fun to get to know, and the multiple endings will have many players coming back for more. Gamers who are looking for a fairly laid-back adventure with plenty of things to do and lots of fun characters to meet should definitely give Atelier Totori a try.
Vandal Online (Sep 30, 2011)
Es difícil destacar algo de Atelier Totori, pero tampoco muestra grandes fallos. Es uno de esos juegos de rol que se basa en los cánones del género sin revolucionar aspectos jugables, pero lo adorna todo con unos gráficos competentes, una historia más brillante por los personajes que por el argumento en sí y una buena mezcla de aspectos que hacen que no sea un RPG exclusivamente centrado en combates. Es divertido, no marcará historia en tu colección de juegos, pero mejora a su predecesor y es una opción notable para el catálogo de PlayStation 3 en el rol japonés.
Worth Playing (Oct 18, 2011)
If you've ever enjoyed a Gust game or Atelier title, it's likely that you'll dig Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland. It's a fun, mostly upbeat adventure that doesn't get too bogged down by generic anime themes or trappings. It's a nice-looking game, but it's a shame that the rest of the world doesn't match the detailed attention of the characters. Its gameplay mechanics can feel dated, I'm still surprised to see RPGs using random encounters, and the turn-based combat isn't exceptionally deep. The game really shines in its alchemy system and ends up becoming an addictive title as you continuously craft new items and level up quickly. Running out to new locations, gathering up materials, building new stuff, and then opening up more areas makes this more fun than you would expect. I'd definitely suggest checking out Atelier Totori. While it's not a top-tier game, it's a solid effort, and I'm pretty enamored with it.
Digital Chumps (Oct 11, 2011)
Overall, Atelier Totori is another solid entry into this niche series. It's definitely the type of sequel that probably won't win over any new fans, but it will please the existing ones -- a formula that I like to see from developers.
IGN (Oct 11, 2011)
For fans of the franchise, Atelier Totori is a complete success. It improves upon Atelier Rorona in almost every conceivable way and delivers all of the gameplay, art style, characterizations and special brand of cuteness that the series' fans have come to expect. The item synthesis, for which the Atelier name is known, is as good here as it has ever been, and plenty of the series' staple characters return, making long time players feel right at home. But for newcomers, the time management element combined with the anime/moé aesthetic can be alienating and in the case of the story, possibly deal breaking. That said, if you can weather the storm of ham-handed after-school special caliber character interactions the game constantly hurls at you, there is a fun, addictive, worthwhile RPG experience to be had here.
ZTGameDomain (Sep 28, 2011)
All in all, if you liked Atelier Rorona and are looking for a similar experience with a few upgrades, you will really enjoy this game, especially if you enjoyed the characters in Rorona. Most of them make a large appearance in Totori, and some even join your party later on. If you’re new to the series and are looking for a different take on turn-based RPGs, you will more than likely like Totori. Keep in mind, if fetch quests are not your thing, or if you can't stand bubbly characters, you may want to steer clear of this game.
70 (Dec 12, 2011)
Denn das ist es wirklich, woran ich scheitere. Atelier Totori - The Adventures of Arland hat einige sehr elegante Spielmechaniken im Kampf und im Ablauf zu bieten. Die Idee der physisch schwachen Heldin, die geschützt werden muss, im Gegenzug aber für all die wirklich kampfentscheidenden Items und Waffen zuständig ist, überzeugt genauso wie das Management des Zeitkontingents für Spiel und Quest. Dazu kommt noch ein schier endloses Arsenal an Crafting-Feinheiten, die die Bastler unter den Rollenspielern über Wochen nachts wach halten können. Dass die Questen in der Regel inhaltlich mau sind und auch die eigentliche Geschichte viel zu lange braucht, um wenigstens auf halbe Fahrt zu schalten, das sind Dinge, die zwar in jedem Fall echte Größe verhindert hätten, sie sind es aber nicht, die das Spiel für mich persönlich an die Schmerzgrenze trieben.
DarkZero (Nov 07, 2011)
Fans that have played the games before won’t need any introduction, they will know what to expect in an Atelier game, and it’s a good game in that respect for them. As mentioned it’s not an epic adventure, but it never tries to be. This story is a personal one of one girl’s emotional ride to becoming experienced in alchemy and adventuring and her quest to find her mum. It’s not an RPG for everyone who likes the genre, but it is fun, and if you can get into it once you’ve passed the initial couple of hours then you’ll have found yourself one of the most relaxing and easygoing RPGs on the market today.
TheSixthAxis (Oct 04, 2011)
JRPGs used to make up a significant portion of my gaming intake but with the newest generation of fast-paced, high-octane adventure titles and shooters, the traditional turn-based time-sinks that kept me hooked are too demanding nowadays. Atelier Totori is a different story however; by allowing players to advance at their own pace and without forcing us down a narrow path, this is the kind of RPG you can crack out for ten minutes, beat a few quests, and still feel a moderate sense of progression. If Gust had made the narrative more relevant to the gaming masses and upped the bar in terms of visual presentation, this could easily have been one of the best entries the JRPG genre has witnessed in quite some time.
Game Watcher (Oct, 2011)
For everything that Altelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland does right though, it fails to deliver on another key element of the genre. I never felt fully connected to the world, whether this was because of the characters, the battle system or the lack of true exploration, which was disappointing. There are promising elements of the game, the graphical style is wonderfully vibrant and colourful for instance, but I could never truly enjoy my time with the game. If the PS3 has yet to see it's defining JRPG, then The Adventurer of Arland definitely isn't it. The intention is there, but the execution doesn't suffice.
65 (Oct 07, 2011)
Très classique dans ses mécanismes de jeu, Atelier Totori s'appuie surtout sur sa galerie de personnages et sur la fraîcheur de son univers pour séduire les amateurs de RPG japonais. Est-ce que cela suffira une nouvelle fois à retenir l'attention des fans de la série ? Pas si sûr, d'autant que cette année, le soft n'a pas été traduit en français...
60 (Oct 07, 2011)
Wer schon mit Rorona nicht warm wurde, wird auch den Nöten ihres Lehrling nichts abgewinnen können, während Fans einmal mehr solide, aber unspektakulär unterhalten werden. Die grafische Inszenierung kocht nach wie vor auf Sparflamme, die Kämpfe sind ziemlich dröge und der erzählerische Rahmen kaum der Rede wert. Immerhin gibt es wieder jede Menge zu sammeln und synthetisieren, Freundschaften zu pflegen sowie unterschiedliche Enden zu erleben. Von rosigen Atelier Iris-Zeiten ist aber auch Totoris Auftritt weit entfernt.
PlayStation Lifestyle (Oct 12, 2011)
Aterlier Totori is not a game for everyone, as some gamers might find themselves bored with the gather and create formula, but it is still a solid RPG experience. The story won’t leap out and get you but does a good job of gradually building up and delivering a story not centered around demon’s or apocalyptic implications. The combat in the game does just enough to grab you attention without being overly flashy or deep. Atelier Totori is a game that is fundamentally solid across the board but doesn’t have any real area of WOW factor. The game is around 20 hours or so to complete and will offer a solid (there’s that word again) experience if you are willing to work through the horrible pacing. Don’t be surprised though if you find yourself getting bored a few hours in after completing your 10th gathering quest while waiting for the story scene to happen and breathe some life into you.
60 (Oct 12, 2011)
Avec ses héroïnes sexy et son principe plus orienté vers l'aventure, Atelier Totori est plus attrayant que son prédécesseur Atelier Rorona. Même s'il reste très similaire dans le fond et dans la réalisation, Atelier Totori propose quelques ajustements de gameplay et des améliorations scénaristiques, qui le rendent aussi bien plus captivant. Un petit RPG classique, mais sympathique qui pourra satisfaire, un temps, les RPGistes les plus ouverts.
Legendra (Feb 24, 2013)
A part deux ou trois détails, Atelier Totori s'avère être une expérience de jeu strictement identique à Atelier Rorona, et peut-être même un peu moins intéressante. La ribambelle d'activités offre au jeu une sensation de liberté qui se retrouve bridée par une gestion du temps pas forcément instinctive. En ajoutant la fragilité de la réalisation et la pauvreté du scénario ou des évènements, il semble évident que seul le noyau dur de fans sera en mesure d'y trouver son compte, les autres y réfléchiront à deux fois.
Gamekult (Sep 30, 2011)
Atelier Totori est représentatif d'une certaine catégorie de RPG japonais, où fanservice rime souvent avec ennui. Les nymphettes ont beau se démener en minaudant, on se contente d'accomplir des quêtes banales dans des environnements minuscules et vides, en enchaînant des combats efficaces mais sans relief. Les fans pourront toujours creuser le système d'alchimie et de permis, qui induit une gestion pointilleuse du calendrier et des délais en vue d'accrocher les bonnes fins. Les autres peuvent tranquillement passer leur chemin, à moins d'avoir un penchant pour le moe et de vouloir tuer des clones de Bisounours des heures durant.