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Random Access (Jan 03, 2013)
Back To The Future: The Game may have its flaws, but as a pure adventure game, it's still a pretty strong experience, especially when you consider how relatively few are being developed nowadays. Those who have been clamoring for more McFly action will drool over this, considering a Back To The Future IV is never going to come to the theatre (or, at least not within their lifetimes). The characters are charming and the puzzles aren't so difficult that you'll be sweating through your T-shirts trying to solve them. It's a recommended experience for time travel nerds and adventure game fanatics alike.
HonestGamers (Dec 26, 2011)
Despite a few minor quirks, Back to the Future: The Game is a worthy follow up to the classic movie trilogy, fitting right in as a substitute for a fourth movie. Fans will be pleased and non-fans will be able to find something to enjoy, too, as Back to the Future: The Game is a perfectly competent adventure game whether or not you get the references. Any Back to the Future fan would be doing him or herself a great disservice by skipping this game.
BeefJack (May 10, 2012)
Back to the Future: The Game is a solid adventure that throws more than enough ideas at you for the low price tag. Shame the puzzles aren’t more interesting.
70 (UK) (Feb 25, 2011)
If you're not already invested in the 'brand', then there's an equally good chance that it will come across as fairly unremarkable. Innovation is largely absent, the stylised visuals are good without ever being great, and the stripped-down gameplay is disappointingly undemanding. Subsequent episodes may yet prove us wrong, but for now we're in safe, predictable territory. You'll already know whether or not that's a good thing.
Gamestyle (2012)
For all fans of the series, this game is a must play. Not because of the game itself, which in all honesty, is a solid effort, but not much else. It is because it is as good a story as the films. In fact, that is the best way to approach this game. As an interactive film, not as a game. When you factor in the price (£15 in the UK as a brand new purchase), BTTF:TG is the cost equivalent of buying a DVD, and is very fair at that price. However, for those out there who aren’t enamoured with the whole franchise, there is sadly little reason to buy this game.
70 (May 09, 2012)
Clairement destiné aux fans qui recherchent avant tout à retrouver Doc, Marty et Einstein dans une aventure inédite, Retour Vers le Futur : Le Jeu saura leur donner satisfaction, à condition de faire l'impasse sur la réalisation modeste (voire limite aux fraises sur Wii) et les énigmes simplistes.
50 (May 14, 2012)
It sounds, and to a degree looks, like the movies but this run of the mill graphic adventure lacks the soul and excitement of the film franchise.