Battlefield 3 Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
On a speeding train filled with terrorists.
Getting familiar with the controls.
Explosion in a tunnel, no place to hide, just duck.
This smells like a trap.
Almost entire story is being told via flashback.
Welcome to Iraq.
The marines seem to be covering this area.
Plan of action.
Suddenly attacked by the enemy.
Engaging the enemy combatants.
Sneaking past the enemy forces.
Sneaking from behind for a silent kill.
Meet your co-pilot.
The sea looks rough.
Time to put your helmet on and enter the cockpit.
Prepping for take-off.
Enemy on our tail, use decoys against missile attacks.
Missile locked.
Getting ready for an assault.
Carrying mortar practically makes you a sitting duck for enemy snipers in the vicinity.
Going over the wall.
Enemy is holding off at the other side of the canal.
Clearing out the nest with a grenade.
Enemy will sometimes hide or lie in the grass, so don't get too exposed before you check the surrounding area.
Some missions, you'll be playing as Russians.
Entering the Euronext building in search for nuclear threat.
Shootout in the parking garage.
Tank rush.
It's a long road until the goal.
Incoming enemy tanks.
Calling in an air support.
Switching to night vision lets you see through the sandstorm.
Taking out enemy missile trucks.
Sniper team.
Take out the lights so the friendly forces can land under the cover of dark.
Up on the buildings, providing covering sniper fire for the ground team.
This lone soldier is oblivious to what's coming.
Sneaking past the street patrols.