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PlayStation 3

Published by
SEGA Corporation
Japan flag Japan
Release Date
Oct 29, 2009
4 974365 835408
Sony PN
United Kingdom flag United Kingdom
Release Date
Jan 08, 2010
5 055277 000647
Sony PN
United States flag United States
Release Date
Jan 05, 2010
Patch History
Jan 28, 2010
Patch 1.01 changes:
  • Added the ability to install the game’s data on the hard drive to fix the long loading times.
Additional information:
  • Patch size is 136 MB.
  • Installation has a size of 4.5 GB and will take about 15 minutes.
  • Incredible difference when pausing / accessing the pause menu / skipping cutscenes. As opposed to 2-4 seconds to bring up the menu, it now pops up in about half a sec.
  • General load times are vastly shorter. Takes about 10 seconds less to load new areas than without the patch.
  • Picking up an item is now instantaneous.
  • Colors are brighter and vibrant, and the game itself is much sharper.

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