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3D Juegos (Nov 20, 2008)
Irrational Games recompensa la espera de los usuarios de PlayStation 3 con tres habitaciones que, más que proponernos acción “shooter” en primera persona, nos invitan a poner en marcha nuestro ingenio. El rescate de las little sisters no ha terminado, siendo esta ocasión idónea para aquellos expertos usuarios de PS3 que hayan completado Bioshock y tengan ganas de alargar su estancia en Rapture. Eso sí, tendrán que compartir sitio con los Big Daddies, los cuales les esperan con una buena ración de puzles bajo la escafandra.
80 (Nov 25, 2008)
Which sums up the DLC well, really. For those of you not bothered about Trophies it will feel short. And for those of you looking for more story or weapons to play with, or even an alternative to the main game's disappointing final quarter, you'll be left wanting. But for those of you who absolutely loved BioShock, who, more specifically, simply loved how it worked, so much so that you took the time to explore every plasmid, every weapon and every gene tonic to its fullest, preferring to defeat enemies with Rapture itself than with bullets, then the £6.29 is unquestionably justified.
70 (Dec 04, 2008)
Nonostante ciò, rimane la sensazione che parte del potenziale insito nel gioco debba ancora essere esplorato. Challenge Room è quindi solo un primo assaggio di ciò che BioShock può ancora offrire in termini di gameplay e di novità. L'idea di sezioni sapientemente costituite da enigmi sempre più ingengosi potrà certamente dare qualche spunto in più in vista del nuovo episodio. Le premesse sono chiaramente incoraggianti.
70 (UK) (Nov 26, 2008)
But Challenge Rooms doesn't quite live up to its potential. With the Plasmids and Tonics, 2K Boston created a vast, unique and immensely powerful toolset for this kind of condensed, thinking-man's-shooter - but it hasn't figured out how to fully exploit them yet. The puzzle rooms are a drop in the ocean, featuring only a couple of basic, prescribed examples. On the other hand, Worlds of Hurt doesn't have the focus to force players to think laterally and dig the most out of them.
60 (Nov 27, 2008)
Sind zwei bis drei Stunden Unterhaltung rund acht Euro wert? Diese Frage beschäftigte mich, während ich diesen Artikel schrieb, die ganze Zeit über. An und für sich sind die Herausforderungen gut gelungen und bieten in zwei Fällen eine willkommene Abwechslung zum üblichen BioShock-Alltag an, da man hier sein Köpfchen gezwungermaßen anstrengen muss. Darauf kann man gerne aufbauen. Andererseits sind es auch „nur“ drei Challenges, die auch wieder recht schnell vorbei sind. In diesem Zeitraum wird man aber trotz nicht vorhandener neuer Gegnertypen oder Waffen durchaus Spaß haben. Dennoch hätte man die Challenge Rooms meiner Meinung nach eher als kostenlose Dreingabe zur Fast-Vollpreis-Umsetzung anbieten sollen.